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Brian May, Cody Schuckers, Bob Anderson

Brian May (Spare Parts)

1. Tough series against the knights. Anything positive to take out of it? The positive was seeing first hand a team that plays the game the right way. Positioning, passing, skill. It’s all there 2. The team had bad starts to both games. What do you think went wrong? When Jake Kline actually scores early, you stand in amazement that he can actually hit the net ! Next thing you know you’re down 8 more goals 3. What was your first season in the league like? It had its goods and bads. Boys started playing as a team towards the end which made it more fun to play 4. Will you be back for more hockey this offseason? Fall league for sure. Will have to pass on winter 5. What advice can you give to the next team playing the knights? They cycle well. The other team needs to be on the same page as to defensive responsibilities and quick transitions to offense

Cody Schuckers (Yeti)

1. Hard fought win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? We were able to pull that one out thankfully. I think we started the game very well and played a very good first period but we kinda strayed away from our game plan and the colonials made us pay 2. They had a 2 goal lead late in the 2nd. Were you getting worried at all? A little bit ya they were stifling everything we were throwing at them they seemed to defend very well but we were able to get a couple by keeping up the pressure 3. Brandon scored late in the 3rd to send it to overtime. What was going thru your mind before overtime started? Control the ball don’t let them get a shot 4. You blew them out Monday. Did you expect the game to be this close tonight? Yes and no can never count the colonials out no matter what they proved that tonight they played an amazing game and made amazing adjustments throughout hats off to them 5. Renegades, Knights or Xtreme next round. How do you think you match up with each of them? Any matchup between these four teams will come down to the last minute in my mind all of them are great teams it will definitely be some exciting fast intense matchups

Bob Anderson (Colonials)

1. Tough loss tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? It was disappointing to lose in overtime of course, but I wasn’t disappointed in how we played, especially being down a man against a really good team. When a game gets to overtime, you figure it’s a coin flip. Derik hit a post early and almost won it for us. Unfortunately their shot hit a leg and went right to Brandon and he put it in for the win. That was the difference between winning and losing this one. 2. 10 to 4 loss Monday, but this game was close the whole way. What do you think the team did better tonight? We stuck to the game plan tonight. We didn’t abandon it like we did Monday. That discipline helped keep their scoring chances down a bit and allowed us to capitalize on some of their mistakes. We also seemed to find open guys a little better. The passing was more crisp. 3. The team never really seemed to get on track this season. What would be your overall team evaluation of the season? I think we played our best hockey at the end of the season. It took us a long time to figure out the best way to utilize our personnel. I think we may have had a few too many cooks in the kitchen to be honest. It’s good to have open dialogue, but in the end, everyone has to be on the same page. That’s on me! 4. Brandon scored on a wicked long shot from center court. How deflating do you think that was for the team at that point? It was a bummer to see them tie it up when we were only about 2:30 from winning, but I don’t think we were deflated. We knew we had a good chance to win it still. Unfortunately, Brandon had an opening there to blast one from center, and he’s the wrong guy to give that chance to. He made us pay there and then scored the OT winner. Got to give him credit! 5. The team has gone out in the first round the past two seasons. Do you attribute that to the league just getting more competitive? It’s really hard to win the summer season. The competition is fierce. That said, I’m looking forward to trading in my player’s shirt for a referee shirt. I want to stay involved or else the next month will be way too long without hockey. Good luck to all the teams left. It should be a fun couple of weeks!


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