What is the Randy Carlson Memorial Tournament?


The RCMT is a benefit ironman tournament held annually at the Reynoldsville Rollerdrome.  It is usually held in mid-to-late January or early February. 


The tournament began as a way to remember former XHL player Randy Carlson, who passed away from melanoma in 2004.  The event began in 2005 and continued in 2006.  After a three-year hiatus, the tournament was resurrected in 2010 and has been held ever since.  

As of 2020, the Randy Carlson Memorial Tournament is officially a 501c(3) tax deductible organization. EIN: 84-3350106.


Where do the proceeds go?


The first two tournaments in 2005 and 2006 were meant to remember Randy Carlson and bring awareness to cancer.  Thanks to some recommendations from participants, the event began to raise money for charity in 2010. 


Since that time, the tournament has raised over $10,000.  That money has been donated to several local individuals and families who are battling cancer, to groups like the American Cancer Society, and even to the Hahne Regional Cancer Center in DuBois. 


Who sponsors the event?


We have been fortunate to have several businesses and individuals contribute to the tournament.  Dave and Jennifer Schuckers, owners of the Reynoldsville Rollerdrome, generously provide the venue at no cost.  Dan’s Pro Shop creates shirts for the event at a reduced rate.  Several businesses and players help to procure prizes to be used to raise money as well. 


What is the format for the tournament?


Teams consist of four skaters and a goalie with no subs.  Usually, many teams register for the tournament.  In 2018, the event saw the biggest turnout yet with 15 teams in total.  Preliminary play determines seeding for a single-elimination tournament. 

How do I register for the event?


Registration for the 2020 tournament is currently closed.  Check back on the XHL website at www.xhlhockey.net towards the end of the year for more information on how to bring your team to the event. We also promote the event on Facebook through our Facebook Group page entitled, "XHL - Pennsylvania." 

2019 Interview at the Randy Carlson Tournament where proceeds were raised for the Landis family. 

Media Credit - White Pine Media/Sam Bundy

Former Tournament Winners & Money Raised:

2020 - Eric Llewelyn, Pat Hunter, Kevin Smith, Dave Jewell, Josh Clontz - $3,500

2020 Proceed Recipient - Daisy Ramano 


2019 - Joe Bussard, Cody Schuckers, Dan Fatula, Derik Day, Adam McKinley - $5,000

2019 Proceed Recipient - Bentley Landis

2018 - Joe Bussard, Derik Day, Mike Jacobson, Jarrod Currin, Adam McKinley - $2,200

2018 Proceed Recipient - Brock Roy and Maddox Hyde


2017 – Eric Llewellyn, Steve Kalgren, Andy Calvert, Jeremiah Morris, Cory Schuckers - $1,800

2017 Proceed Recipient - The Hahne Cancer Center in DuBois


2016 - Rob Stanley, Eric Llewellyn, Kevin Smith, Andy Calvert, Henry Sutter - $850

2016 Proceed Recipient - Austin Shough


2015 - Rob Stanley, Kevin Smith, Dave Jewell, Derik Day, Rob Keith - $1,000

2015 Proceed Recipient - The family of Lisa Barr


2014 - Joe Bussard, Derik Day, Henry Deible, Greg Mohney, Adam McKinley - $1,000


2013 - Derik Day, Joe Bussard, Greg Mohney, Henry Deible, Adam McKinley - $1,300


2012 - Brian Anderson, Dave Jewell, Bob Anderson, Brandon Reiter, Rob Keith - $650


2011 – Ryan Carlson, Jason Iseler, Josh Sanford, Adam McKinley, Rob Stanley - $650


2010 - Kevin Smith, Cody Schuckers, Dave Jewell, Clay Halpin - $615


2006 - Jason Iseler, Josh Stanford, Todd Carlson, Ryan Carlson, Rob Keith 


2005 - Jason Iseler, Josh Stanford, Todd Carlson, Ryan Carlson, Rob Keith

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