Historical Milestones



2001 - League is formed by Bob Anderson and Jim Miller and was played at the Taylor Memorial Park in Brockway. 

2002 - The Punishers are the only undefeated team to win a championship

2005 - The Contenders become the first team to repeat as champions.

2006 - 2008 - The Rogue is the first team to three-peat as champions.

2008 - The league raises $15,000 to put up new boards at the outdoor hockey rink in Brockway.

2011 - Bob Anderson makes the decision to leave Brockway and move the league 

to Reynoldsville (The Rollerdrome), where it is currently played today.


2012 - Bob Anderson ends his 11-year reign as President. Tim Herman takes over and serves three terms.

2016 - Brian Anderson (Brother to Bob Anderson) takes over as President of the XHL. He currently holds the title of league president to this day. 

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