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6 p.m. and 7 p.m. recaps 08/07

Xtreme 8 Mayhem 2

Goals – Bussard 4, Jewell 4

Goals – Waltman 2

Assists – Stitt 3, Jewell 1, Bussard 1

Assists – McGinnis 1

Saves – Sutter 47, Lingenfelter 23

First period costly for the Mayhem------------ was this Henry Sutter's final xhl game?

The first period proved costly for the Mayhem this week. On Monday, they were outscored 6-0 and didn’t do much better last night. Joe Bussard and Dave Jewell each had 4 goals to help send the Xtreme to the 2nd round. Henry Sutter did everything he could to keep the Mayhem within striking distance, making 47 saves. 20 of those came in the 3rd period and he did not allow a goal in the 2nd period. Tyler Waltman scored both goals for the Mayhem. A Xtreme 5-1 lead after 2 periods extended up to 8-1 in the 3rd period before Waltman scored the final goal of the game. Clint Lingenfelter made 23 saves. The League would like to thank the Mayhem for playing in the league this season. They finished with 5 wins and 9 losses. Its possible that this could have been Henry Sutter’s final xhl game. Rumor has him relocating next summer. An interview has been sent his way. Stay tuned. For the Xtreme, they will move onto the next round but their opponent has yet to be determined. Stay tuned as well.

Knights 12 Spare Parts 0

Goals – Calvert 4, Tosh 3, Schindler 2, McMinn 1, Amick 1, Kline 1

Goals – N/A

Assists – Calvert 3, Kline 2, Amick 2, Schindler 2, Tosh 1

Assists – N/A

Saves – Luzier 14, Schickling 4

Tough playoff experience for the Spare Parts

All regular season, the Knights made a habit of frustrating their opponents. The Spare Parts were lucky enough not to have the Knights on their regular season schedule, but were stuck playing against them this week. To make matters worse, they were ironman both games. Last night’s game was no different than Mondays. Roughly around the 5 minute mark of the 2nd period, the Knights officially clinched a 12-0 mercy rule victory. Tyler Luzier made 14 saves to try to make the game go on as long as possible. Afterwards, Spare Parts leader Brian May was left very impressed with the way the Knights play the game. Andy Calvert and Jordan Tosh combined for 7 of the Knights 12 goals last night. Jake Kline got the scoring started and it was all downhill from there for the Spare Parts. If there was anything bad for the Knights, their goalie, Todd Schickling, only had to make 8 saves this week. The Knights will move onto the 2ndround and will either be choosing the Renegades, Xtreme or Yeti as their opponent. Game 1 will be Monday night. Time to be determined. The League would like to thank the Spare Parts for taking part in the league this season. They finished with 6 wins and 8 losses.


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