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Peach Caltagarone/Josh Clontz/Alex Waddell

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Peach (Mayhem)

1. 8-4 loss to the Mobb last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? The overall team effort was great. Everyone hustled all night even with a shortened bench, and we started to click unlike opening night. We had a simple game plan and everyone bought in

2. AJ wasn’t able to play last night. How do you think the team responded without his presence being there? . Missing AJ stung a little, but every team has quality players that miss from time to time. You just have to adjust. Trent really stepped up in the offensive zone creating scoring chances and just skating like a demon. Jeff jumped in on offense a lot more as well and looked pretty good. I’d be lying if I didn’t say he was missed last night. I think the score would have been much closer or the outcome possibly even different.

3. How do you think Jeff has fit in with the team so far? Jeff seems to be a pretty good all around player. He can play defense and back check if needed, but he can also skate really well and is excellent at breakouts. I think once he gets used to the rink and the ball you’ll see him become a force at both ends. He’s got a good personality too which meshes well with our team.

4. What positives can you take from last nights game? . I know the score doesn’t really do justice to the team’s overall performance. It could have very easily been a 1-goal game. That’s what excites me about this team. We didn’t have AJ, Barry, or Zach, but we still hung in there and played a good hockey game. Hopefully we can get a full compliment if players and keep developing chemistry. We’re only going to get better, I haven’t a doubt in the world.

5. Most important question ----------- who has the better jerseys, the best men or the mobb? That might be the 2nd dumbest question I’ve ever been asked. The Best Men had the greatest XHL jerseys of all time!


Josh Clontz (Mobb) 1. 8-4 win over the Mayhem last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I think everyone played well. It was nice to have some subs and keep the pace up.

2. Mitch and Nate were able to make it last night after missing last week. What do you think their presence brings to this team? They both are smart players with good hands they will help control the ball and both are big scoring threats.

3. How do you think Luzier has looked in net in these first 2 weeks? In these jerseys anyone would look great!

4. You enjoying your new role as a skater instead of goalie? It's been fun so far! I still like being in net better, but at least for now this will be my role.

5. You will get team Slap Happy the next 2 games. Are you looking forward to the challenge? Team Slap Happy?!?!?! Someone needs to stop letting Joe name teams... @Luke McMinn can you back me up here? The next two weeks should be challenging but fun.


Alex Waddell (Narwals)

1. 2 games, 2 blowout losses. What do you think has gone wrong in the first 2 weeks? We don’t have any chemistry right now and played two of the top teams. Hopefully we can pull it together throughout the season.

2. Did you notice any improvement from last week’s game to this week? Not really but we had two different groups there each week. We need a few weeks with our whole squad to figure out where everyone fits in.

3. Last nights game was close for a while but then got away quick. What do you think went wrong? Colonials have a pretty solid team right now they look like the team to beat. Lots of speed up front and a solid group on D. I think they caught us off guard playing that fast of a game.

4. Any positives to take out of the first couple of games? Any time I get to play hockey is a positive. I did score a goal on Herman last night too so that’s like 3 total in 15 years.

5. How do you think Andy looked in his first game back (for a long while) last night? I thought Andy looked great especially for being away that long. It was nice to have that extra speed instead of relying on Tosh alone for it.

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