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Updated Rosters

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Official 2021 XHL Rosters

Updated: a minute ago

Walkers Steve Hetrick Joe Conforto Lauren Dodd Laken Dodd Morgan Dodd Erika Dodd Jake DeBerti Brice Miller Caleb Freemer

Narwals Larry K Eric Llewellyn Jordan Tosh Alex Waddell Austin Boyd Steve Kalgren Andy Calvert Clint Lingenfelter

Colonials Bob Anderson Kevin Smith Dan Fatula Brandon Vollmer Fred Terwilliger John Matchock Brian Anderson Tim Herman

Mobb Jake Kline , Zachary Foradori, Cory Schuckers ,Corey Bassett (Offered to fill in when Cory Schuckers cant play) Tyler luzier , Brenden Chesley, Josh Clontz Mitch Dorunda Nathan Galentine

Mayhem Henry Sutter - G A.J. Cebulskie Trent Bembenic Justin Ritzie (Very limited availibility) Jeff Wehner Tyler Waltman ,Anthony Schuckers , Brian Pangallo Zach Smith (December) ----------- Not playing until December Peach- C

Slap Happy Derik Day Joe Bussard Dave Jewell Jerred Amick Steve Pompeii Kyle Heffner Jason Duttry Eric Stuby Adam McKinley

PLEASE NOTE: Roster additions cannot be made unless there is an unforeseen circumstance. All team captains will need to agree to let a team make an addition to their roster. Dean Risser and Tony Dodd are available to goaltend if a team is missing a goalie on a given night. If there is a situation where a team does not have enough players available to play, team captains can discuss options to still make the game take place. Players subbing in for other teams is a last resort and can only be considered if a team does not have enough players present on a given night. Non Roster players can fill in for a team as long as the opposing team captain is ok with it. Non Roster players will not be eligible to fill in for a team in the playoffs.

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