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Randy Carlson Tournament officially becomes a 501c(3)

It’s been a few years in the making, but the Randy Carlson Memorial Tournament is officially a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. If you wonder what that entails, it means that they can now seek donations throughout multiple avenues such as online platforms and grants. This also makes all donations given to the tournament tax deductible to the donor, both for individuals and businesses.

“After talking it over and realizing the benefits definitely outweighed the cons, Bob and I decided to finally pursue the nonprofit route for the future of this tournament,” said co-chair, Summer Anderson. “We are actually limiting ourselves by not pursuing this avenue,” Anderson added.

Many nonprofits, specially 501c(3) organizations, can use online avenues such as Facebook Fundraisers, AmazonSmile, PayPal and other sites to help promote their cause and reach people that they couldn’t have in the past. “Times are evolving fast, so we want to keep up with these changes for the future betterment of this tournament,” reported Anderson.

The Randy Carlson Memorial Tournament has really grown over the last few years, thanks to the participation of players and local businesses wanting to give back to the chosen local cancer related cause. The last two years combined raised over $8,000, with the monetary proceeds going to local families whose loved ones were battling different forms of cancer.

“Our goal is give as much as we can to the family we choose, because the financial toll it takes on them can be devastating,” Anderson said. “We believe this step will not only give the Randy Carlson Memorial Tournament more name recognition, but also help out our recipients even more than just what is raised on day of the tournament.”

In becoming a nonprofit, the Randy Carlson Memorial will now consist of a board of individuals as opposed to just Bob and Summer Anderson co-chairing the event. While they will still be co-chairs, they will now have a chance to evolve this tournament by getting more feedback and outreach with this new board. “We are excited for this addition to our event, and look forward to the insight and ideas that these individuals will bring to the Randy Carlson Tournament and its future.”

The board consists of the following individuals:

Chair - Bob Anderson

Co-Chair/Treasurer - Summer Anderson

Director of Community Outreach - Joe Bussard

Secretary - Tim Herman

XHL Representative - Brian Anderson

The Randy Carlson Memorial Tournament is held every January, and is named in memory of former XHL player and friend, Randy Carlson, who died of Melanoma in 2005. More information on ways to give will be available in the new few months.

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