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3 stars --- April 8th

#3. Jason Stamler. Game winning overtime goal for the Mayhem.

#2. Ben Rossi. Continues to fit in well with the Yeti. Scored their first goal last night and assisted on their 3rd goal.

#1. Adam McKinley. Only allowed 1 goal over the Eagles last night.

Adam McKinley (Yeti)

1. 3 to 1 win over the eagles tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in the1. 3 to 1 win over the eagles tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? The effort was great. We found out late that we would be down 2 players. We all knew that we'd have to step up and put our A game on the court, if we wanted to give ourselves a chance to win. Everyone did and I couldn't be more pleased.

2. Both teams have struggled to score when you go up against one another. Are those low scoring games more enjoyable for you as a goalie? I think they are more enjoyable because the pressure is on. All it takes is a bounce here or there and the game is in the balance. Henry and I love facing each and I think we both cheer other on.

3. Ben Rossi continues to contribute offensively. What can you say about his overall play for you guys this season? Ben has really impressed me. At first I wasn't sure how well he would fit into our style of play but he has really fit in perfectly. His has shown the potential he has always had but not quite harnessed. I think this is the best he's played in all his and I'm glad he's on my team.

4. No Zach tonight which makes this win more impressive. How do you think the guys were able to fill his void tonight? One word. . . Hustle! We were beating them to the ball and sitting back waiting for them. Our attack was constant.

 5. You almost got a shutout. Was it disappointing not getting it considering how close you were or were you mainly just focusing on getting the win? win? Of course it's a little disappointing. To get shutout against their fire power would be a great accomplishment. I was mainly focused on making the next save and hopefully that would be enough to earn us the win. Jerrod's one-timer was a perfectly placed shot. I was able to get the back of my glove on it, but that wasn't enough. Great shot!

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