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Monday, October 3rd Results

Team Sutter 9 Team Matchock 2

John Matchock and Brice Miller were unable to be there for Team Matchock last night (McKinley and Foradori filled in). Laken Dodd scored the first goal of the game for Team Matchock, but Team Sutter went up 3-1 by the end of the first period. They extended the lead to 8-2 by the end of the 2nd. Kevin Smith got the scoring started early for Team Sutter and Steve Pompeii had a nice goal later on in the first period to keep the momentum going for Team Sutter. From there, it seemed like Brenden Chesley took over. He had a handful of goals in the 2nd period to help his team pull away. It feels like Team Sutter is an early favorite to be the best team in this fall league.

Team Lingenfelter 8 Team McKinley 7

Did not get to watch much of this game, but it was neck and neck throughout. Team Lingenfelter was missing Jeff Wehner (Larry K filled in). Team Lingenfelter scored a short handed goal which may have made the difference in the game.

Team Scyoc 11 Team Dodd 7

Brad Van Scyoc came to pickup hockey a couple weeks ago and expressed some interest in playing more hockey. After some consideration, he decided to sign up for this league and he helped keep his team ahead early in the game last night. Both goalies played really well for the first half of the game. Tyler Waltman was the only one to score in the first 20 plus minutes. Things seemed to open up later in the 2nd period. A 1-0 lead for team Scyoc stretched to 3-0 before Scyoc finally gave up a goal late in the 2nd period. Team Scyoc extended the lead in the 3rd period. Everytime Team Dodd scored to inch closer, it seemed like Team Scyoc had an answer. Team Dodd was missing Cory Schuckers (Rooster filled in). No Andy or Vinnie Deloia for Team Scyoc (Jake and Brenden Chesley filled in). Tyler Waltman, Jason Stamler and Brenden Chesley led the way offensively for Team Scyoc. Peach had a real nice goal in the 3rd period as well on a nice set up from Stamler. Dodd was led offensively by Anderson-Rooster-Anderson but Cory's absence hurt the team defensively. Fred Terwilliger and Tony Dodd had to face numerous odd man breaks as the game went on.

Kevin Smith (Team Sutter)

1. 9-2 win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? It was a nice way to start the season for sure. The team effort was amazing, everyone hustled and did their part. We seemed to have figured out pretty quick what our roles are on the team!

2. You led your team to an ironman championship last Monday. When you compared your roster to some of the other teams on the court, what kind of a realistic chance did your give your team? I have to say, I thought it would be tough for us to win that tournament. There were some good rosters in that tournament some had players with more experience than ours, usually in those tournaments the more experienced teams do better. Our team got better every game and by the end we were playing our best! Clint played really well down the stretch to give us a chance at the end!

3. The biggest question, how did you feel the next day following all that hockey in that tournament last Monday? Shockingly I felt really good the next day, I haven’t played consistently for awhile now so being able to play that many games and still have something left in the tank was a good sign moving forward!

4. How do you compare Reynoldsville hockey to Brockway hockey? The 2 are definitely different, obviously playing with a puck vs the ball is different. I’m more comfortable with the ball because thats what I have always played with, the playing surface in reynoldsville to me is better. It feels faster to me and more grip when trying to cut and stop.

5. Do you like playing in these draft leagues? I do like playing on these draft leagues. Typically you are playing with people you usually don’t play with so that brings a fun challenge of learning styles and developing chemistry! I feel good about the team I am on for this league. I think we have a good mix of offense/defense/role players. The man between the pipes will give us a chance every game and that helps a ton when it comes to being able to take chances and push a little bit on offense! Zach Foradori (Team McKinley)

1. 8-7 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? We played well the first 40 minutes. Everything just kinda fell apart towards the end.

2. You were a little disappointed in your play (using a ball instead of a puck) in the tournament last week. Did you feel any better about your play last night? I felt decent. The shot still has some work to be done adapting but I felt that my passes were much better.

3. This game was back and forth the whole way. What play do you think hurt your team the most? Their short handed goal screwed us

4. Only 1 game. Did you think the team had decent chemistry or do you think there is a lot of work to do? Wasn’t bad but always room for improvement. We possessed the ball pretty much the whole game and our passing was great.

5. Your good friend Larry was on the other side. Was it an honor to play against him? Always an honor. I hate to say it but I stopped trying with 7 minutes left in the third because that kind of talent doesn’t deserve to lose any game they play. Ever.

Brad Van Scyoc (Goalie for Andy, Waltman, Stamler, Deloia, Peach, Sawey)

1. Your team won 11-7 last night. What did you think of the overall team effort last night? I think the team played very well overall. I would let a goal go in and they would turn right around go down and score a goal for us.

2. It appeared that you played pretty well last night. Were you happy with how you played? Yes I’m pretty happy with how I played last night. Even though there’s some stuff I could work on to get better.

3. What was your impression of some of the guys on your team? My impression of the team is they knew how to move the ball around. If they didn’t see they could take a shot they moved it back to the point.

4. Tell us a little bit about your hockey background, your interests and what made you want to sign up to play in this league? I normally play defense. This is the first time getting back to playing goalie after 10 years. I love the game of hockey. It’s like my get away from stress. I go out there and it’s like it clears my head. I wanted to sign up because I love to play hockey every chance that I get.

5. How do you compare trying to stop a ball to stopping a puck? The difference between stopping a ball and puck are they both have different bounces to them

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