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Zach Smith ---- Championship Winning Goal

1. 9-8 championship game win last night. What can you say about your teams overall effort in the win? I thought our effort was really good. Adam was on his game all night, giving us chances to stay in the game and make a late comeback. We really didn't slow down for the entire game, and I think it showed with how well we were forechecking later in the game and in overtime. We obviously still gave up 8 goals to them, but I think that was more mental lapses and the amount of skill on the knights roster


2. You guys were down 7-3 with around 6 minutes to go. Did you think the game was over at that point?  Honestly, once they scored 2 quick goals to open the 3rd, I was feeling a little defeated. Credit to my teammates because they didn't give up and kept pushing. Our veteran leadership kept pushing us across the finish line.


3. We saw a couple thrilling games in this series. Would you consider this to be the best championship series in the xhl that you can remember?   I may have recency bias, but it's one of the best that I have seen or have been a part of. It was two teams that really wanted and deserved it, but unfortunately, only one can come out on top. Hats off to the knights. If they had won, I wouldn't have been mad because they don't have any weaknesses on their team and it took 110% from everyone on the yeti just to take them to overtime in a 3rd game.


4. It didn’t look like the Knights were beatable halfway thru the season but you guys quickly got up to their level. How was it able to come together as well as it did? I was pretty frustrated at the beginning of the season because of how disorganized we were the first few games. It was hard to come to the conclusion that we needed time to come together as a team and get on the same page as everyone else regarding positioning and roles. I give credit to all the guys because they bought into the system and adapted to how we all play. All the guys on the yeti have been playing a while and are smart enough to feed off other players even if they haven't played with those guys in their career.


5. To make this championship even more special, you scored the overtime winner. How satisfying of a feeling is it to score a goal like that in that kind of a situation? It's pretty special, not going to lie. You don't get into those situations very often. I'll be fortunate to ever win another xhl championship with how hard it is to win one. I have to give all the credit to my teammates, though. They never gave up and put up with me during the rough patch at the beginning of the season. It was a special season with a special group of guys that I won't soon forget.

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