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Monday, November 7th Results

Dodd 8 Scyoc 6

Team Dodd picked up their 2nd win of the season with an 8-6 win over team Scyoc last night. Team Dodd was missing their goalie, Tony Dodd along with Cory Schuckers. Dean Risser, Caleb Freemer, Joe Spencer, Tim Herman and John Matchock were not available to fill in the net so we had to ask Henry Sutter. Sutter’s presence made a difference late in the game when he denied some good opportunities, especially a good look that Jason Stamler had that would have cut the lead to 1 with enough time remaining to make a charge for a tying goal. Jake Kline filled in for Cory on last second notice. We would like to thank Alex Waddell for reffing in Jake’s spot at 620 last night.

Team Dodd fell behind 2-1 late in the first period when Jason Stamler stole the ball off Bob Anderson and found himself on a 1 on 0 breakaway. He was able to beat Henry Sutter to give his team a 2-1 lead. Team Dodd tied the game late in the first period when Brian Anderson got the ball from the side of the net and found Trent Bembenic open in front of the net to tie the game at 2. Team Dodd had a good 2nd period. Brian Anderson scored on a nice pass from Bob Anderson and Trent Bembenic later scored another goal on a pass from Bob Anderson. Fill in Jake Kline made it 6-2 on a pass from Bob Anderson. Team Scyoc called a time out after Kline’s goal and quickly scored a couple goals of their own (Waltman/Andy) to cut the lead to 6-4. Andy would score twice in the 3rd period to get his team within a goal each time (6-5 and 7-6). Fill in Jake Kline scored for team Dodd to make it 7-5 before Andy cut it to 7-6. Bob Anderson won the faceoff after Andy’s goal and beat Scyoc to put team Dodd up to stay at 8-6. Team Dodd was led offensively by Bob Anderson, Jake Kline and Trent Bembenic. Team Scyoc was led by Andy Calvert, Tyler Waltman and Jason Stamler. Team Scyoc fell to 3 and 3 on the season. Team Dodd is now 2 and 4.

Lingenfelter 9 McKinley 5

Team Lingenfelter improved to 5-0-1 on the season with a 9-5 win over Team McKinley last night. The game was closer than the final score indicated. Jeff Wehner was missing for Team Lingenfelter but they used Jason Stamler as a fill in. He has been used a couple times when Jeff hasnt been able to make it and he seems to fit right in with the other guys on the team. Stamler scored 2 goals in the 3rd period to help give Lingenfelter’s team some separation. The game was close most of the way. Each team scored twice in the first period. Mark Chesley and Rooster each scored in the first period for team Lingenfelter. Joe Roush and Alex Waddell each scored for team McKinley. Waddell’s shot came from the side of the net which was pretty impressive. Team Lingenfelter scored a power play goal in the 2nd period (Rooster). Rooster found Mark Chesley open in front of the net later in the 2nd period to put Lingenfelter’s team up by 2 goals going into the 3rd period. Rooster had a couple breakaways denied by Adam McKinley. Jake Kline had a couple nice goals in the 3rd period along with Jason Stamler’s goals that put the game out of reach. Eric Llewellyn and Zach Foradori scored 3rd period goals for team McKinley but they weren’t able to get any closer. The loss dropped Team McKinley to 3 and 3. Team Mckinley had all their regular players present. Jeff Wehner was the only person missing from Team Lingenfelter. Jason Stamler contributed well as a fill in.

Sutter 8 Matchock 3

Didn’t see too much of this game (only a little bit at the beginning). Team Sutter has now won 2 in a row following a couple losses in a row to improve to 4 and 2 on the season. Kevin Smith continues to lead the charge offensively. Brenden Chesley said he will be available for the rest of the season and he continues to contribute offensively as well. He had to miss a couple games from time to time due to work. Team Matchock was missing a couple guys last night, including John Matchock himself. Clint Lingenfelter filled in and kept the team within a goal at 4-3 going into the 3rd period. Andy Calvert filled in for a missing Jerred Amick and Mark Chesley filled in for Corey Bassett. Team Matchock is now 1 and 5 on the season.

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