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Monday, November 1st -------------- 4 interviews

Larry K (Narwals)

1. You guys were able to pick up a win last night after a couple tough games to start off the season. Does a game like last night do anything for overall team confidence considering they were missing half their team last night? A win is a win. Wish they would’ve had a full lineup, but we came out with a plan and executed. That will help moving forward

2. Circumstances aside, how do you think your team played last night? We played well. Definitely a few things we still need to work on but a big step in the right direction.

3. Steve showed up early for the first 2 games but showed up late last night. Considering you guys won, do you think he should keep showing up late? We are just going to have to start telling him earlier times than we already were.

4. You will get the Walkers next week and they will more than likely have a full squad of guys (and girls). Do you think playing a team with as much youth and scrappiness as them can benefit your team going into the rest of the season? Playing a full squad will help us get better for sure. They never stop and will make you pay if you let up

5. Do you like the way Andy has played these last 2 weeks? This is the first time I’ve been able to play with Andy. It’s a lot of fun having someone on my team with that sort of closing speed. He is fitting in great with our game plan. It’s going to be fun watching him and Eric light it up rest of the season.

Nate Galentine (Mobb)

1. Slap Happy got the best of your team last night. What do you think went wrong for your team overall? I don't think anything really went wrong we just need to all click like we did in the 3rd this last game

2. Cory wasn’t able to be there. How much did his loss hurt you guys last night? With Cory not being there did hurt us but when we are missing a player we all know to step up our game.

3. You get to play them again next week. What was your impression of them after playing them last night? They definitely are a good team no doubt about that

4. You guys were able to put some goals on the board in the 3rd period. Does that give you any confidence going into next week’s game? . I mean yeah putting up goals like we did there always is a confidence boost

5. How do you think team chemistry has been in the first 3 weeks? I think we all are coming together and figuring it all out

Brice Miller (Walkers)

1. 14-2 loss to the Colonials last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? Our team effort was there in the first period for sure. We all played hard and were feeling good going into the second. You’re not going to get very far blaming the effort of this group

2. The game seemed to get away in the 3rd period. What do you think went wrong? As far as the third period it was pretty much out of reach early. We had trouble in transition and breaking out of our own end. We had some chances but they were quick one and done.

3. Your team has a lot of the newest and youngest players in the league. How do you think team chemistry has looked so far? So far the chemistry is still building. Being the youngest team is fun in its own and dealing with the underdog label is motivating. We’ll only get better as a team and moving forward it’s about staying focused and continuing to build that chemistry.

4. The team you played last night has some of the most veteran players in the league. What kind of game were you expecting going in? . They play the same game each night. Same people same spots. The team as a whole is combination of speed, skill, and for grit. Some rely on some of those much heavier than others, but once they’ve played so long their game isn’t changing much

5. You have played a couple of the league’s top teams the last 2 weeks. What positives can you take out of the games going into the rest of the season? For us, it’s just another game. We started strong much like last week, just broke down as the game went on. It’s about getting better each week and that’s what we will do regardless of who we play. Being considered slightly unfavored seems to be the theme, so try to improve and keep going. For the positives, the chemistry is building, we know who can play what roles, and we just have to execute.

Kevin Smith (Colonials)

1. 14-2 win over the Walkers last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win?

This team seems to give 100% effort every play! It seems to be contagious!

2. The team was able to widen the margin in the 3rd period. What do you think the team did better as the game went on? I think the pace of play that we kept up wore the Walkers down a little bit, however they are a scrappy, relentless team. Never quit until the final whistle!

3. 3 games into the season with some different style of players. How do you think team chemistry has looked overall? . Team chemistry has seemed to be pretty good from the first face off. I wasn’t sure how it would go with all the different styles but I think we mesh really well.

4. You weren’t able to play in the summer, but you are fitting in well with the team so far. Were you able to do much in the summer to stay in shape? Yeah not playing in the summer was disappointing but the kids come first. Honestly, no I don’t do much as far as exercise goes. I play basketball a couple times a week over lunch break.

5. The Walkers have a lot of the league’s youngest players. What words of encouragement can you give them going forward? I would tell them to keep at it, keep working hard and stick to it. They have potential, if they could find someone to join up with them that is a pure scorer they could be sneaky dangerous! Keep working kiddos!

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