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Monday, November 15th Updated Standings and Interviews

1. Slap Happy 10 (46/16)

2. Colonials 10 (47/18)

3. Narwals 4 (35/33)

4. Walkers 3 (19/47)

5. Mobb 2 (25/38)

6. Mayhem 2 (17/39)

Corey Bassett (Fill in for the Mayhem)

1.7 to 6 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? Overall a good game no doubt we came out scoring had a good early lead

2. Only one sub. How tough was it trying to stay energized? maybe we lost it due to one sub getting winded i know i was

3. A 5 to 1 lead got away. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? as time went by we started giving up some odd man rushes

4. The walkers (tonight’s opponent) are full of young players. What was your impression of them tonight? other team i thought was playing a good game and made good plays stuck with it to tie it

5. You contributed 3 early goals. We’re you happy with how you played? i was just a fill in but glad i was able to help this squad to a win.. went into ot i made a pass to a teamate and he made the finish to end it... thought it was a good well played game by both sides

Brenden Chesley (Mobb)

1. 12-6 loss to the Colonials last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? The team effort is all there we just need to clean up a little and get some structure.

2. They got up 3-0 just minutes into the game. How tough was it trying to play catch up? . It was definitely tough both physically and mentally for everyone

3. You were able to turn a 7-2 deficit into a 7-5 deficit late in the 2nd period, but then they scored to go up 8-5 going into the 3rd period. Did you think that last goal they scored in the 2nd period put the momentum on their side again? I don’t think it did because we had the ball in their end a lot that third period we just couldn’t get shots through

4. You have had a tough stretch of games with the Slap Happy and Colonials. What positives can you take out of those games? . It sure has been a tough couple of games but we’re starting to figure out how we need to play and where everyone fits in so I’m seeing a turn around here soon

5. You will get the Mayhem next week. What kind of game do you expect from them? They are definitely looking better from when we first played them it should be a good game.

Laken Dodd (Walkers)

1. 7 to 6 overtime loss tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort ? It was a great back and forth game. We played the best we could and had lots of fun. All in all it was a great game.

2. You got down early but came back to force overtime. What do you think helped you guys get back in the game? We were a bit scrambled in the first but gathered confidence and got it together in the second.

3. 5 weeks into the season. What’s it been like playing on this team? It’s been amazing, had a couple downs but every game is tons of fun.

4. How do you compare reynoldsville hockey to brockway style of hockey? They are both very similar but do have it’s difference.

5. How do you think your dad did filling in for Caleb these last 2 games? He did excellent, He definitely had a lot of good saves.

Eric Llewellyn (Narwals)

1. 7 to 4 loss tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? Our plan was to make it better… we did that. Theres no panic in our camp. We know we have the talent.

2. Any positives to take out of the loss? We feel fine. Thats the positive. We havent played a single game with a full roster. I think its clear that we will be there at the end

3. No Tosh in this game. How big of a loss was he for you guys? When we are missing Tosh we are missing a bunch of speed. He brings solid play on both ends of the court. We are better with him in the lineup.

4. Colonials next week. What kind of game are you expecting? We win. Thats what we have to do.

5. 16 to 16 tie against a winless team. How frustrating was it to watch it? I watched it. Made me sick. As bad as Ben is… he would have won that game for us. I just fear that Pittsburgh sports as a whole is about to be in a bad place

Brandon Vollmer (Colonials)

1. 12 to 6 win tonight over the Mobb. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? As Kevin and I were talking on the bench during the game. This team is really complete. Each guy knows what his job is and we all fit together really well.

2. You had the hot stick tonight. How did it feel to be a big contributor tonight? It was nice, I’m usually just more of a grinder out there and let the really talented guys do the scoring but I was getting lucky tonight. I’d like to thank Luzier for some of that

3. How do you compare this team to some of the renegade teams you have been on? Actually it’s really similar. Like I said this team is really complete and we all fit together really well. Much like having Lehman and pat on the renegades to carry the puck and get things going, here there is bob and Kevin, so it allows guys like myself, Dan and Brian to get the spots we like and do our thing while you always have match or Freddy back on D.

4. Narwals next week. What kind of game do you expect this time around? Actually I probably won’t make it next week, but I’m pretty sure this group doesn’t really need me to be successfully against anyone.

5. How do you compare reynoldsville style of hockey to brockway? I enjoy the brockway league and being outdoors. But I really struggle with the puck, Iv never played with a puck until now and I’m just not use to it at all and I really struggle with it. That and I like going to the front of the net and that puck makes that a little more scary doing that than the ball. The ball just stings for a minute, the puck breaks things

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