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Fred Terwilliger ---- Colonials

1. 10-4 win over the Narwals last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Everyone really played their role. Us older guys have to commit to playing smart because playing hard doesn't always put us on top at our age.

2. This Narwals team is a little different from the one in Brockway, but were you surprised to blow them out? I would still be hesitant to call that a blowout against a team like the Narwhals. When they have their entire line-up there.... a 10-4 game can turn into a 10-8 game in just a few minutes. Even a 6 goal lead in the XHL isn't something with which to feel overly confident.

3. It's rare having a full squad. How do you think the team did trying to keep everyone involved in the flow of the game and with the line changes? I think the extra skaters help keep the players that ARE there playing better mentally. With a short bench, it is easy to get down mentally knowing how exhausted you will be in the 3rd period. It seemed as if everyone got a fair amount of playing time.

4. Kevin was unable to play in Brockway. How do you think he has fit in with the team in these first couple of games? He is fitting in just swell. He has a busy summer schedule and we are certainly glad that has lightened up a bit for fall. He DOES seem to be playing an unusual amount of defense so far. He must be getting old too.

5. You have been playing a decent amount of hockey this year. How are you feeling following all these games? I am feeling pretty good. Have been suffering from concussion effects for almost a couple years now. It feels like it is finally starting to subside a little and I am enjoying returning to a consistent physical activity. That certainly doesn't change the fact that I recover from Monday night hockey around Wednesday afternoon or evening.

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