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February 12th updated standings and results

Standings after February 12TH Games

1.       Knights 12 (65/11)

2.       Colonials 9 (46/39)

3.       Yeti 8 (51/28)

4.       Mayhem 8 (41/32)

5.       Eagles 6 (44/29)

6.       Jawas 2 (17/46)

7.       Walkers 2 (31/62)

8.      Hounds 2 (21/65)



Mayhem 10  Walkers 6 (Did not get to see any of this game)


The Mayhem have now won with 4 different goalies (Sutter/Spencer/Matchock D./Matchock, J) this season.  John Matchock filled in net for the Mayhem since Derrian skates out for the Walkers.  The Mayhem got off to an early lead and never looked back but the Walkers made things interesting again.   Vinnie Deloia, Jason Stamler and Anthony Schuckers balanced the goal scoring for them last night.  The Walkers were led offensively by Brice Miller and seemed to get a 2nd wind when Corey Bassett arrived.  Bassett was not there for the start of the game.  At one point of the 2nd period, the Walkers had closed the gap to 7-5 but the Mayhem were able to slowly extend the lead as the 3rd period went on.   The walkers and mayhem will meet 2 more times before the regular season is over.  The win gives the Mayhem 8 points in the standings with a game against the Eagles upcoming.   The Walkers will get the honor of playing the undefeated Knights. 


Eagles 14  Hounds 2

The Eagles snapped a 3 game losing streak by mercy ruling the Hounds 14-2.   Zach Foradori’s 3rd period goal with 7 minutes left to play clinched the mercy rule win for the Eagles.  Austin Boyd chipped in a couple 3rd period goals to extend the lead.  Mark Chesley had a nice goal for the Hounds late in the 2nd period but they were trailing 11-1 at the time of his goal.  The Eagles had a nice balance of scoring despite missing Eric Llewellyn and Cody Schuckers.  Kyle Dilling was back for the Hound after missing 4 games with an injury.  Chris Snyder was unable to attend for the Hounds opening up the door for John Matchock and Tony Dodd to split the goalie duties.  The Eagles will look to keep the momentum going when they go up against the Mayhem next week.  The Hounds will get their first meeting of the season against the Yeti next week.


Yeti 13  Jawas 2

Adam McKinley may not have known who to root for in this game.  With him not able to skate out for the Jawas last night,  the Jawas were left pretty thin considering Joe Roush was not able to attend either.  Austin Boyd is trying to work himself into shape and got plenty of playing time filling in for the Jawas last night.  Jeff Wehner set Laken Dodd up for 2 goals but they were not able to keep this game as close as they did with the Knights last week.   The Yeti gained some separation as the game went on.  Dave Jewell scored about 10 minutes into the game to give the Yeti a 2-0 lead and the lead would turn into 4-0 by the end of the first period.   The lead stretched to 8-1 by the end of the 2nd period.  Ben Rossi and RJ contributed their share of goals.  One of the 2nd period goals came on a nice pass from Steve Pompeii.   The Yeti are now 4 and 2 on the season while the Jawas fell to 1 and 5.  Adam McKinley can resume double duty next week when the Jawas take on the Colonials at 6 while the Yeti take on the Hounds at 740. 


Knights 14  Colonials 2

A highly anticipated game turned into a mercy rule win for the Knights with a minute left to play.  Phil Mace knew over the weekend that he would not be able to play in this game.  About an hour before the game, Kevin Smith told his teammates that he would not be able to attend either.     With John Matchock skating out for the Jawas the game before, the Colonials just had him skate out and had Adam McKinley keep his goalie gear on from the game before.   With the exception of getting some exercise, the Colonials may have rather just stayed home.  The Knights were only up 3-0 at the end of the first period, but Bob Anderson joked with Fred Terwilliger about his team almost getting a shot on goal at the end of the first period.  The Knights possessed the ball for about 99 percent of the 1st period.  Some good goal tending in the first period from Adam McKinley kept the Colonials from getting blown out earlier.  Andy Calvert scored about 5 minutes into the game to put the Knights ahead.  Jake Kline and Brandon Reiter would score the other 2 first period goals for the Knights.  Things got away quick for the Colonials in the 2nd period.  A 3-0 deficit turned into a 7-0 deficit before John Matchock scored for the Colonials.  This was Matchock’s 4th game of action last night (he goalied for the Mayhem, goalied a period for the Hounds, skated for the Jawas and skated for the Colonials).  Denny Stinchcomb scored late in the 2nd period to close the gap to 8-2 but the Knights scored early and often in the 3rd period.  They were mainly led by Andy Calvert and Brandon Reiter.  John Matchock accidentally chipped in a goal for the Knights to start the 3rd period.   Considering he had already played for 4 different teams last night,  there was probably good reason why he mistakenly shot at the wrong net.  Nate Galentine’s goal with a minute to go clinched the mercy rule win for the Knights.  The Knights are now 6-0 on the season and have outscored their opponents 65-11.  They have outscored the Yeti, Eagles and Colonials 37-3 so far this season.  The Colonials will look to rebound against the Jawas.

Don’t forget, we are having an ironman draft tournament on Thursday, March 28th at the rink starting at 5 p.m.  If you can play, let us know as soon as you can so we can have the rink reserve that night for us.  They mentioned about opening for a different event if we don’t end up getting enough interest for a tournament.

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Brandon Rowles
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Are the knights the best team to ever play in the XHL???

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