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Fall League 2023 Underway

Team Gray

Larry, Llewellyn, Lyons, Matchock, Pompeii S, Stamler, Stitt, Snyder (G)

Team Black

Amick, Clontz, Galentine, Rossi, Roush, Waddell, Dodd (G)

Team Green

Cody (Reiter will play as much as he can when Cody can’t play), Conforto, Gaydosh, Kline J, Miller, A. Schuckers, Matchock (G)

Team Orange

Chesley M, Dodd E, Kalgren, Kline N, Reed, Smith Z, Mckinley (G)

Team White

Anderson, Anderson, Haag, Peach, Schuckers Cory, Terwilliger, Lingenfelter (G)

Team Red

Bembenic, Calvert, Dodd L, Hetrick, Sawey, Waltman, Sutter (G)

Monday, October 2nd Results

Red 10 Green 9 Overtime (Missing --- Bembenic, Sawey, Sutter)

Black 10 Gray 7 (Missing --- Clontz, Galentine, Rossi, Llewellyn, Matchock)

Orange 6 White 2 (Missing --- Kalgren, Cory Schuckers)

Standings After October 2nd

1. Orange (6/2)

2. Black 2 (10/7)

3. Red 2 (10/9)

4. Green 1 (9/10)

5. Gray 0 (7/10)

6. White 0 (2/6)

Red 10 Green 9 Overtime

The 2023 fall league picked up where the 2022 fall league ended, with a one goal result. The way Monday’s game started, overtime wasn’t even a thought. Andy Calvert scored the first goal and last goal for his team on Monday, with many goals in between, to lead the way. His team was missing Trent Bembenic, Jeremy Sawey and Henry Sutter. Adam McKinley was the original replacement for Henry Sutter but McKinley was not able to make it either. Tony Dodd arrived at the rink early and may have felt like he got his money’s worth in just one night after playing in back to back games. He played well for the first 2 periods of the first game before Team Green was able to start getting some shots past him. Cody Schuckers led the way offensively the first 2 periods but had help from his brother Anthony and Troy Gaydosh in the 3rd period. Anthony Schuckers and Troy Gaydosh set one another up for a couple goals in the 3rd period comeback. Team Red was up 5-2 after the first period and the steady lead continued until the last 5 minutes of the 3rd period. Team Green rallied to tie the game up at 9 before regulation ended. Brice Miller contributed a 3rd period goal in the comeback effort as well. Andy Calvert scored the overtime winner for Team Red. Tyler Waltman arrived 15 minutes late (he thought the game started at 630 instead of 615) but contributed offensively as well.

Black 10 Gray 7

A couple SRHL and XHL teammates, Larry and Alex Waddell, drafted teams last Thursday night and found themselves up against one another Monday night. Its hard to tell what each team will be like the rest of the fall league as both had its share of missing players on Monday night. It probably felt more like a scrimmage than a league game. Chris Snyder arrived a little late for the start of the game Monday but made some quality saves in his first league action in Reynoldsville. Alex Waddell’s team got off to a 5-2 lead at the end of the first period and held onto the lead throughout the game. They never really blew it open, but they clung onto a 3 or 4 goal lead most of the way. Tony Dodd got his 2nd win of the night in net. Hopefully both teams will have more of its representatives there this coming Monday.

Orange 6 White 2

Team Orange (Zach Smith) picked up a 6-2 win against team White (Anderson) on Monday. Each team scored once early in the first period (Noah for Orange and Brian Anderson for white). The game would remain tied until Erika Dodd batted in a shot to put Orange up 2-1 in the closing minute of the first period. The game was tight most of the way with both goalies (Adam and Clint) holding their own throughout the game. Rob Reed snuck a wrister by a couple defenders in the 2nd period to put Orange up 3-1. That lead would carry over to the 3rd period. Jake Kline accidentally passed it to Noah in the 3rd period (They are used to being teammates) and Noah was able to intercept the pass to put Orange up 4-1. Bob Anderson scored for team White soon afterwards on a pass from Brian Anderson. It was the only time Bob Anderson was able to sneak one by Adam McKinley. McKinley made his share of good saves on Anderson throughout the game. With team White trailing 4-2, they got caught on the offensive end which created a couple odd man breaks the other way. Team Orange was able to capitalize to extend a 4-2 lead to 6-2.

Looking Ahead to Monday, October 9th

Black (1-0) vs White (0-1) at 615 (Reed/Schuckers, A)

Green (0-0-1) vs Orange (1-0) at 715 (Roush/)

Gray (0-1) vs Red (1-0) at 815 (McKinley/Smith)

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