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Colonials and Slap Happy Move On

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

January 10th Results:

Slap Happy 7 Mobb 4

Colonials 11 Narwals 2

Slap Happy 5 Mobb 2

The Slap Happy and Colonials are moving on. If their regular season meetings are any indication of what their series is going to be like, the xhl could be in for a real treat to wrap up their 20th season.

Slap Happy found themselves down in both games last night, but were able to rally in both games. The Mobb played perhaps their best hockey of the season these last 2 weeks in spite of losing Cory Schuckers in the play in game against the Mayhem. They got off to a 3-0 lead in the first game last night. While the Slap Happy rallied to go ahead, they still only found themselves up by a goal in the 3rd period. A couple insurance goals in the 3rd period put the game away. The game featured lots of penalties against both teams. Both teams looked like they lost a step in the 2nd game. A 2nd period goal by Zach Foradori put the Mobb ahead 2-1 and that lead carried into the early stages of the 3rd period. Joe Bussard scored a wrap around goal (Luzier didn’t get a chance to see it) to tie the game at 2. The game remained tied at 2 for a while before Dave Jewell scored on a break away to put the Slap Happy ahead 3-2 to stay. Mobb had a power play opportunity with around 5 minutes to go, but were unable to get any good quality chances. With around 3 minutes to play, Jerred Amick scored an insurance goal to put the game away. Slap Happy would add one more late goal to clinch the series. The Mobb’s season ended but they saved their best for the playoffs. Tyler Luzier carried the team to a win in the play in game against the Mayhem last week and kept his team in both games last night. Despite falling short, they should be happy with how they played these last 2 weeks. They simply lost to a better team, but they couldn’t have put on a better effort.

The Colonials are moving on as well following an 11-2 win over the Narwals last night. The game was close up until the late stages of the 2nd period. Two late 2nd period goals (Fatula/Smith) put the Colonials up 6-2 going into the 3rd period. Kevin Smith and Dan Fatula made sure the Narwals got no closer by scoring while connecting with one another on multiple occasions in the 3rd period to put the game out of reach. The Narwals had to take some chances when the deficit got larger which led to the Colonials finding themselves on multiple breakaways. Brandon Vollmer scored the first colonial goal early in the contest. The Narwals would soon answer to tie it up at 1. Dan Fatula put the Colonials up 2-1 but the Narwals once again answered to tie it up at 2. A power play goal from John Matchock put the Colonials ahead 3-2 and there was no looking back. The late 2nd period/early 3rd period surge from the Colonials put the game out of reach.

Game 1 of the finals will be at 630 next Monday night followed by game 2 at 8. In their regular season meetings, the Slap Happy rallied from a 3 goal deficit to win their first meeting while the Colonials rallied from a 3 goal deficit to win their 2nd meeting. The first game was decided on a Derik Day goal in overtime. The Colonials won the 2nd meeting in a shootout.

Adam McKinley (Slap Happy)

1. 2 games, 2 wins last night. How would you describe the overall team effort in each game? The effort was great. We started a little slow in the first game, creating a 3 goal deficit, but then we got it together. A slow start was kinda expected due to the long lay off. The second game we got used to each other a little earlier.

2. You guys were down in both games. 3-0 in the first game and 2-1 (3rd period) in the 2nd game. What adjustments did you guys make in each of those games? In the first game, the first 2 goals were unfortunate bounces off our own guys into the net. The 3rd goal was a well placed shot. Once we got a feel for each other again, we were able to be in the right position and do what we needed to do. The second game was 2-1 for awhile, until Joe decided to take the ball end to end and plow his way to the goal to tie it up. I read his body language as soon as he grabbed the ball behind my net. He would not be denied. That play put the momentum in our favor.

3. Mobb were without Cory but appeared to play a faster style of hockey without him in the lineup. Were you expecting both games to be so competitive? I definitely expected a competitive series. Mobb have a lot of talent and speed. The series could have gone either way.

4. The team had not played a game since December 20th. Do you think the time off hurt team chemistry at all or do you think you guys were able to regain it as the games went on? We started out slow but after some the first period of the first game, we were able to find our game.

5. Colonials were able to sweep the Narwals in the other series. What kind of challenge do you expect the Colonials to present next Monday night? It should a tough series. They like to control the ball. They take their chances when the other team presents them. They have no problem sitting back and waiting, patiently, for opportunities. This has always liked to lull teams to sleep and then attack. Any team with Bob and Kevin coming at you, is dangerous. Then you add Dan, Match, and Brian sitting by the net, creates a lot more to watch. Herman has been playing very well lately. It's going to be a challenge for sure.

Josh Clontz (Mobb)

1. Two hard fought losses last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in both games? I thought everyone gave it 100% last night. We played with grit and out hustled them in both games. They are a very skilled group, with a ton of experience that just out played us.

2. You guys went up 3-0 in the first game. Did you go emphasize getting off to a quick start considering Slap Happy had not played a game in 3 weeks? Not really, but they did start out a little flat footed and we were able to capitalize on that. We just went out with the mindset of play hard and have fun.

3. No Cory last night, how do you think everyone did trying to step up to fill his void? He is a hard guy to replace, and we did what we could to bring his level of intensity to the game last night, but we could have used the 2 or 3 goals he always scores for us.

4. You guys were up 2-1 going into the 3rd period of the 2nd game last night. What do you think went wrong in the 3rd period (When they scored 4 goals)? They just fought back and scored a couple good goals. When Joe Bussard decides to score he is hard to stop... after they got 2 we had to take some bigger chances and they turned that around on us and got a couple more.

5. This will be your first xhl season without being in the finals. Despite that, what was it like playing with this particular group of guys? At least Rooster will represent the Renegades in the finals. These guys are great, I was the last guy they picked up and was glad to be on the team from the start. It was trying this season attempting to build chemistry with the wighted schedule. Alot of times we looked pretty dysfunctional, but through the season we worked to build a "team" and played some great hockey these last couple weeks that was great to be a part of.

6. One more question ---------- You got a lot of games against the Colonials and Slap Happy this season. Got any prediction for their championship series? Well we gave the Slap Happy several good games but never could keep up with the Colonials, so based on our match ups I would say Colonials.

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