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Adam McKinley (Gold)

1. 9 to 6 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? I think the team played well. We had a slow start, but we got it together.

2. They scored 3 quick goals to start the game. Did you think your team could come back considering Zach smith wasn’t present tonight? Considering how early those goals came, there was still a lot of time left in the game. I thought if we could get one goal, we'd have a chance. Of course, it hurts not having Zach. He brings a lot of energy and offense to the team.

3. How did you think the team did trying to fill zachs void? I think everyone stepped up nicely. I think Bob knew he would be the focus but he was able to overcome the pressure. He quarterbacked our team very well.

4. They tied it up at 6 late in the 2nd but then you shut them out the rest of the game. How did you think the defense responded after some lapses early in the game? I think they stepped up their game. The guys figured out where they needed to be and tightened it up. Any rebounds were nicely taken care of by my defense, Fred and Scuba.

5. Do you still plan to be playing hockey when Braxton is old enough to start playing with the adults? I hope so! I feel I'm in better shape than I've ever been. If I can keep it up, I still think I can play for many more years at a good level. I've always dreamed of getting to play hockey with my son at a somewhat competitive level. We'll see what happens!

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