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11-4 Interviews

Jason Iseler (Orange)

1. You returned to the court last night. Hows your body feeling right now? I actually feel pretty good today . Bob let me ease into the game with short shifts so that helped. I prepped for blisters so good there too.

2. You think you were able to make a good contribution to the team in the win? I wasn’t out for a goal against and I had a couple of assists so yea I’m happy with my contribution. Doc in net and Bob carrying the play , lotsa room for mistakes thank god

3. They were without Eric Llewellyn and were only able to score a couple goals in his absence. Were you glad you didn't have to chase him around the floor last night? definitely glad Llew wasn’t there. I’m not fast enough to chase anyone around these days lol

4. You got to play alongside a few ex teammates. Whats it like playing with guys like Bob, Mark and Doc? playing with Mark and Bob brought back memories of the old Colonial days . Those teams made some good runs as Under dogs

5. Rumor has an over the age of 40 team forming this winter. You think you would be able to play? I would be interested in the over 40 team. We can have races to see’s who’s gotten to be the slowest over the years 🙋‍♂️Lol

Larry K (Black)

1. 6-2 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort despite the loss? Team effort was good as it always is. We just couldn't put it together for the win. 2. What positives can you take out of the loss? We played some good defense last night. We had to try and open things up and that left us vulnerable. 3. You were without Eric Llewellyn last night. How do you think the team responded trying to be competitive without him in the lineup? I think everyone stepped up to try and fill the void. With Eric in the line up last night it might have been a different outcome. 4. Did you think there was a stretch that swung the game in their favor? Beginning of the 3rd really hurt us. They scored 2 quick. One was a ridiculous deflection by Bob. Then we had to push to try and score 5. Luzier filled in the net for you. What can you say about his effort? Tyler played great. He was playing in his 3rd game of the night. I couldn't have asked for more from him. Stellar performance.

Zach Foradori (Pink)

1. Tough 10-4 loss to team white last night. What positives can you take out of a game like that? We didn’t give up. Even though the game was out of reach for the majority of the game everyone still played their best 2. The game was tight until the last couple minutes of the first period. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? We gave up too many open shots. Had a lot of defensive breakdowns and they capitalized on them 3. Despite the loss, your team still sits in a pretty good position with only 2 games left before playoffs. What kind of game are you expecting from Bob’s team next week? Any time you play a team with bob on it you know it’ll be a huge test. If we can contain him and get shots through on doc we should be alright 4. You beat team white last time thanks to your winning goal. What was your impression of them after playing them last night? They really started clicking. They smothered us on defense and didn’t give us many good chances on Clontz 5. You took Andy with your first overall pick. Whats it been like having him on this team so far? Andy is a great player. He has scored some huge goals for us throughout the season so far. Then when the other team starts to lock down on him it frees me up for some quality opportunities and I’m a pretty big fan of that haha


Alex Waddell (Turquoise)

1. Hard fought win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Its easy to just give up or get frustrated going into the third period down by a few. Even though things weren’t going our way we stayed to the plan and it paid off. 2. What did you think was the difference between winning and losing? We just didn’t give up and things finally started to go our way. If anything they might have let up a little or got tired in the third and that finally gave us some chances to get the ball on net. 3. Do you like playing in those kind of games? It’s always more fun to play in a close game it brings out the best in everyone 4. What was your impression of team green after playing them last night? Every player on their team gives it everything they have they have improved a lot since playing them earlier in the season. 5. How do you think Dan looks in net now compared to when he first started playing? He is working hard and gets better every night. Just like myself I think as he plays and gets in better shape it helps to be able to last the whole game. He made some key saves during our comeback last night that helped the momentum stay on our side.


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