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10-28 Interviews

Eric Llewellyn ( Larry)

1. 10-5 win over Jake’s team last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Great effort last night. When we were down early we didnt get rattled at all... stuck to the plan and got it done. Worked hard and Herm was lookin really good 2. You have personally been playing at a high level. Exactly how confident are you with your game right now? I am 100% confident. It started in the XHL Playoffs. I have managed to reinvent myself and my game and the results have been wonderful. Im currently playing the best hockey ive ever played right now though. Im back to 40-45 mins a game and I feel explosive the entire time im out there. The Renegades taught me how to manage myself and how to turn anger into energy. Now im getting penalized less than ever....and putting up more points than ever. Having a lot of fun in my skates lately. 3. Fall league is obviously different than the summer. Do you personally approach fall or winter league games different than a summer league game? I think you have to. I dont think theres much of a choice there. You have no idea what you’re getting into and you just kinda use the tools you have to build on something and try to be good by the time the playoffs start. Unfortunately a lot of these games will always be won at the draft table 4. Did you think there was a play or sequence last night that turned the game in your favor? Probably just when the game got to 4-3. There wasnt any 1 play or anything because we were down early and just battled back. I just remember going to the faceoff cirlcle after making it 4-3 and thinking we had the game under control. 5. You have played each team once. Which couple teams concern you the most as the playoffs approach? The Anderson teams are well drafted for sure... and team pink is also pretty solid.We aint concerned with anyone but ourselves right now and I think we look pretty good.


Zach Smith (Brian)

1. 13-9 win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? It was a little bit rough in the first. I think we scored a few quick early goals and maybe played a run and gun style of play and that doesnt really suit us with the make up of our team. Our team chemistry is still a work in progress and we are a little off on our passing but I think it is improving ith each game. 2. They scored 6 goals in the 1st period. What do you think the team did better in the 2nd and 3rd period? Ill give the other team some credit, they are fast and relentless on the ball. They used us as a screen on a few of there goals that didnt give clontz any chance. We really clamped down defensively in the last half of the game and tried to get our chances on rushes which I think is our strength. 3. Cody will be back for the next 2 games, which should give the team a chance to rotate guys in and out better. How tough has it been playing with only 1 sub? I like to get 2 or 3 changes in a period so I can have fresh legs. Even with 1 sub I can achieve that because we have guys that can play most of the game. 1 or 2 subs are perfect for me with the makeup of our team. With cody back It will be nice to make sure everyone can give 100% with fresh legs due to having a couple subs. 4. You were a big part of the 13 goal display last night. You feeling like you are finding your stride now that you are playing more? Yeah I definitely have better stamina that is a big part of my success. I pride myself on playing a strong defensive game and turning that into offense and I think I did a decent job of hitting the net when it mattered most. 5. 2 wins in a row without Cody. What does that do for team confidence going forward? Cody will be a big part of our success these next two games. Knowing that we can pull out a couple wins without him is great but in order for us to compete for the championship we will need him and everyone to put in their best effort going forward. He will definitely make us a lot more competitive when he is able to make it.


Phil Mace (Dan)

1. 10-6 loss to team orange last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? We just weren’t all on the same page last night. At this point I am at a loss. Overall, I don’t think we lack the effort but definitely lack in consistency. I think we have proven that we can beat anyone when we are on but it is hit or miss. 2. Did you think there was a play that may have been the turning point in the game? There wasn’t one particular play but one particular period for sure. The second period was atrocious and is what cost us the game. I give lots of credit to team orange and the way they play but we didn’t do ourselves any favors. 3. You are several weeks back now. How you feeling about your overall game right now? To be honest, I am very frustrated with my own play, other than my skating. I take most of the blame when it comes to our inconsistent play because my game is so inconsistent right now. Granted, I have only played 7 games, in two years, so that is encouraging. I just feel like once a week isn’t enough to get to where I want to be and I am going to have to find a way to play or do skill work between games. I know that sounds corny lol but I am having fun again, which in turn makes me want to be better 4. What positives can you take out of the loss last night? That we put 6 behind Adam and the scoring was spread out amongst us. 5. A couple former colonial teammates in Bob, Mark and Fred. What kind of game were you expecting going into it? When playing against those guys, I always expect a fun, hard played and clean game. They are all great guys and always were great teammates. I think we all have a strong mutual respect for each other.... except Bob. He really talked some trash to me last night lol.


Clint Lingenfelter (Zach)

1. Nice 7-4 win last night over Green. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Great all around team effort. Fed our offense with our D and didn't push things. 2. Are there any goals you gave up that you wish you had back? Definately the first one. They got a lucky bounce over Boyds stick and I went down too early 3. Zach seems to have drafted the right combination of guys. Whats your overall take of how the team has played the first 7 weeks? I think we've played great as a team. Every guy has an important role to play. When everyone is doing their job, we'll b hard to beat 4. Team Green is more known for hustle and effort than being too fancy. What was your impression of them after playing them last night? Those exact words. I thought they played very well defensively, blocking shots and limiting high scoring chances against Tyler. Kuddos to him on a great game 5. Xtreme made a good run but got beat pretty handily in the finals. How would you describe your teams overall season and did you look at the glass half full or half empty after losing the finals? I thought we played great all year. Tbh in the finals was our worst hockey of the season combined with the Renegades best. Glass is half full, That will haunt us until we get back there next year but it'll b a different outcome this time.


Dan Mitchell (Jake)

1. 10-5 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? The guys played very well. Passing was clean. There were some great plays set up, just couldn’t get the ball in the net. 2. Did you think there was a play or sequence that turned the momentum in their favor last night? I really didn’t see much momentum possessed by either team as far as possession, but Black took some good shots 3. What was your impression of team black after playing them last night? Fierce shooters. They shoot from everywhere, which makes it difficult to get into position. 4. What positives can you take out of the game? We had a great PK, with a shortie. That gave us some momentum early. 5. Any goals you wish you could take back last night? As I mentioned earlier, The Black take great shots. They got a wraparound I was out of position, and a few beautiful screens.

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