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September 16th Interviews

Steve Hetrick

1. Tough loss last night. What do you think went wrong? I think the difference was that we tried to skate with their speed. We knew that some of their players had played a prior game and didn't think that they would last as long as they did. We had a couple bad bounces too and it was freaking scorching in their. 2. What was your impression of Jake’s team? Jake's team looked good. They have some great talent and tons of speed. Even though a couple of his players last night were subs from other teams, they seemed to click well in their win against us. 3. What positives can you take out of the game? The guys/girl that I picked on my team are all amazing players. They will work their butts off until the very end. They play with a ton of heart. Even being down by as much as we were, they never gave up and kept grinding. We will chalk this game up as a learning experience and move forward from there 4. You drafted Tyler Luzier first overall. What it been like having a guy like him as a teammate so far? Tyler has been phenomenal. He has made some amazing saves for us and helps with the pre game talks to help strategize for what we are up against. I know he as others were skeptical as to my picks for the fall league, but after our first game, he was proud to say that we will be a competitive team this season. 5. Chiefs got a couple wins this season. What was it like playing with that group of guys (and girls) this summer? Playing on the Chiefs this past summer was a great time. We did struggle at times, but it was a good overall atmosphere. The guys and girls really improved as the season went on. Including myself. I kept the streak going by recruiting a couple chiefs in my fall league team. I'm not sure what the Chiefs will be like next summer, but as for this past summer season, we had a great time even if we only won 2 games.

Adam McKinley

1. 8-7 overtime win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? It was a great effort by everyone to come back and pull off the win in OT. Nobody gave up. 2. What was your impression of the team Larry drafted after playing against them last night? Larry drafted well. They are a tough team. 3. You and Bob have never officially played on a league team together. How excited were you when you found out that you two were going to be on the same team? I was pretty excited about it of course. Bob and I had talked last year and thought there would possibly never be a way that we would be in the same draft team. As luck may have it. . . Here we are! 4. Fall League is a different style than the regular XHL. As a goalie, do you prepare yourself any differently for a fall/winter league game than an xhl game? Well about the same. Fall/winter are more laid back so I try to look at parts of my game that I can work on or change that can make better for the XHL. There's less pressure but still very competitive. 5. Yeti started out hot this summer but lost an 11-2 blowout to the Renegades to close out the season. How disappointing was it for yourself and the other guys to end the season on that kind of a note? It was a sour note for sure. We were all disappointed because we had high expectations this season. I was disappointed in myself that I was unable to stop more shots to give the guys a chance at winning. Very tough ending the season that way, but we'll learn from it and move on.

Josh Clontz

1. You skated out last week. Did you enjoy the change of going from goalie to skating out? I did like skating out. It is so much faster here than in Brockway, but I think if I play out some more I will get used to it and help contribute a bit more. 2. You were informed (last second) that you would have to suit up last night. How do you think you played considering you had such short notice? I was happy with my play regardless of the circumstances. I didnt feel like I gave up any goals that were too soft. That team has some very good shooters and I feel holding them to 4 goals was pretty good. 3. Whats been your impression of this team after 2 games? I think this team has the potential to be a top contender. We have well rounded group and when we get a little more comfortable with each others play we will be very hard to beat. 4. Only 3 goals last night. What do you think went wrong on offense? That's simple, our biggest offensive threat was in net! But seriously I think those guys played a very good defensive game and Clint made some big saves. We started to get things going in the 3rd but it was too little too late. 5. What went wrong on their last second goal? I think we were pushing to score and got cought off guard a bit on defense. Zach broke into the zone and got a good shot off. I think I got a piece of it with my blocker, then it bounced through somewhere.

Dan Mitchell

1. Nice win last night. How would you describe the overall team effort? There is a chemistry with this group. All players seem to know where too fill gaps on the floor, and that creates will to dominate. 2. Whats been your overall impression of some of the guys on this team so far? I still am learning names, but I’ve liked this group of talent since the summer. Jake is a captain that leads by example. Full effort and willingness to cycle positions throughout game play. Cory is amazing to watch, also. He has an all-out playing style that pushes those he is on the floor with. Alex finds the ball wherever it is. Still learning names, but everyone takes shots from everywhere and never wastes an opportunity 3. You faced a lot of shots this summer. You think that prepared you well for this league? The shower of shots definitely gave me a higher alertness. With less shots, comes more time to get inside your own head. I anticipate the breakout whenever it may occur. With the draft style in the fall, the higher talent players create breakouts, which really challenges the goalies 4. You have been on the other side of blowout games. What was it like to be on the better side this time? Wow! That’s a tough one. Each team is pouring it on out there. It’s exciting to watch your team impose it’s will on another; but at the same time, it is hard to watch another team of good talent struggle through an abbreviated game. I am humbled with a win like Monday. It shows that talent comes from all players. 5. You drive a long ways to play hockey on Monday nights. You must be enjoying it. Is that true? It is amazing to bring the family to the games. There is an hour and a half to just share some time together, goofing off to the radio. Memories are made in the travel. Regardless of the outcome, it is a greatly anticipated day of the week for me. As I get to know the other players, I am sure the good times will only get better. Family, friends, and fun. That is the core of a good life! What a blessing I feel to be part of the XHL

Zach Foradori

1. Game winning goal last night. What was going thru your head those final 10 seconds? I honestly had no idea how much time was left. But Andy yelled “shoot that” and it went it haha 2. Only 3 goals allowed. What can you say about the defensive effort? We are playing solid defense all around. A couple hiccups here and there but for the most part we play great defense 3. You drafted Austin Boyd not knowing his hockey abilities from the past. Whats been your impression of him so far? He’s a great player and very reliable in the defensive zone. I had an inside source give me some information on him though 4. Some have said team white is the team to beat in this league. Whats a win like this do for your team confidence? It’s a huge confidence boost. We all knew that they were potentially the team to beat so we were very motivated to get a win 5. You like fall league better than the regular xhl league? I’m sure I would like summer league better if I was on a team that could be a top contender. But I like the fall league because it’s a lot more even. You never know who’s gonna win any of the games


1. A couple losses to start out the season. What positives can you take out of both games? Our team has some potential. Offense is going to need some work, but I've been impressed with the 2-way play, especially by the youngsters. Chucky is a forechecking demon. Rossi has some gifted hands, he just needs more space. Jarred is a great all around player that brings us a great veteran presecence and leadership 2. Whats been your overall impression of the two teams you have faced? Both teams have been pretty good. Both different too. Black had some dangerous shooters, some good finishers, and blue is very gritty and opportunistic. We played pretty well in both games for the most part, but there were some sequences where they both rattled off quick goals leaving us trying to claw back. 3. You said your availability was questionable for this fall. Has that changed at all? I lucked out for the next few weeks. I was in the process of heading to the cracker plant in Monaca but ended up an hour away instead. Its only short term, but I'm good for a few more weeks, and possibly the season if I can get lucky one more time. 4. What potential do you see in this team going forward? Lots. This is going to be a good opportunity for the two Tylers to step up and assume larger roles on our team. We're going to need to get creative to get scoring chances on most nights, and Tyler Squared definitely has the potential to become legitimate threats. Hopefully we can pull out some wins in the process. I'm anxious to see them both grow as players. We just need to create more space to get quality scoring chances. Its a work in progress, but there were some flashes last night. Doc just happened to get in our way. 5. What positives and negatives can you take out of the Mayhem’s 2019 season? We had a great season, really. We hung in the with the top teams in the league, aside from that egg we laid against the Yeti. We gave the Knights a good run, keeping it within one goal until about halfway into the third when their 4-barrel kicked in.The only negatives were the fact we dropped the series against the Jagrbombs. That was at the top of our list as the season was winding down. It was a great series, but we came up a little short. The other negative was the fact that Henry most likely played his final XHL game. He's got a bright future after college, and no matter what he ends up doing its not going to include a career as a roller hockey goalie. I offered him a lucrative contract extension, but his agent wouldn't accept Monopoly money. All in all, it was great playing with Vinnie and Brad again, and it humbling when some B-players express interest if we have any openings next year. Not sure if there are any, other than a glaing hole in the goal crease




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