• Summer Anderson

Can Knights win twice tonight?

Todd Schickling

1. Tough loss tonight. Are there any shots you would like to take back? Yeah, I was anticipating pass on one strong side instead of doing my job and playing the shot. Also, that hockey bounce Joe got off of the one I got a lot of glove one. Those are the 2 that stick out. 2. You only had to face 8 shots last week. Were you concerned about a little rust going into this game? I wish I was tested a little more, but at the end of the day I've been playing all year and should have come in the game ready to play. The guys played well enough to win, and I feel like I have to own up on my mistakes and learn from it. 3. They were able to slow the game down tonight. Do you think the team can adjust to a better pace in game 2 wednesday night? We'll make some changes, I know the guys were talking about strategy after the game. 4. Any positives to take out of a playoff overtime loss? I thought we got a lot of good looks that didn't find that back of the net. My hat goes off to Clint who I thought made some great saves. So I think the chances were there, but the hockey gods just weren't in our favor. A bounce or two our way could have changed the way the game played out. 5. Anyone on the team discouraged by the tough loss? Discouraged? Nah, just not have to have a short memory. Not a problem for me, just ask my wife.

Luke McMinn

1. Tough 5-4 loss on Monday night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? It was good enough for a regular season game, but not a semi-final game. We need to play with more of a sense of urgency for 3 full periods, which we’ll correct tonight. 2. What positives can you take out of that game into tonight? None of us like to lose, but you learn more from a loss. We had plenty of opportunities on Monday, just need to take advantage of them tonight. 3. They appeared to slow the young guys down. Do you think the young guys on the team can get back to their strengths tonight? Yes and they will. 4. Jordan Tosh was not there Monday. Do you know if he will be there tonight? Not 100% sure. Toshy plays a huge role for us, so hopefully we have him. If not, the rest of us have to step up and fill it. 5. You have wondered about the Xtreme for the past couple seasons. How nice would it be for you to knock them out of the playoffs by sweeping them tonight? How many years have they had to change that horrible team name, anyways? Good grief man, at least put an E in front of it or something? Other than not having to see their ugly faces and uniforms for a couple weeks, it’ll just be nice because it means we’re on to the finals.


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