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Jerred Amick (Knights)

1. Two mercy rule wins to start the playoffs. Were you hoping for more of a tune up going into the next round? You could word it that way. We haven’t had the opportunity to play spare parts all season, but we’ve seen them play some good hockey throughout the summer otherwise they wouldn’t have made it to 5th place. Both games we’ve played though they have had trouble having people show up to play. When a team is experiencing attendance issues, there’s no way to sort out the hockey issues of a team. The whole team has to show up and be ready to play. It’s really hard to play the fastest team in the Xhl, with no subs. I think this round/series would be a bit different if they had their whole team, both games. The second game they only had 3 players show up including their goalie. 2. How do you think this team matches up with each of the remaining teams? Each team remaining has their own style and characteristics. Renegades are hitting their stride with their offensive capabilities, yeti are the defensive grinders, and xtreme is a steady mix of the two 3. How have you been able to keep up with your teammates this season? I can keep up for several minutes with most of my team mates due to conditioning. Many times I rely on my stickhandling and passing vision to get myself out of tight situations where others might just work harder. Older guys like myself have to conserve energy and find other ways to contribute to the team other than raw hustle 4. All but 1 playoff game were blowouts so far. Were you expecting a little better first round than that? When the playoff format is setup the way it is, I kind of figured this would happen. It’s better than giving the top teams bye weeks and all playoff teams got to play. I really hate the bye weeks this season. 5. Any idea who the team is leaning towards choosing as the next opponent? Oh yeah, we have talked about it and we’ve made up our mind but I’m not the captain and that’s not my job. I’ll let Andy handle that.


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