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7/15 Interviews

Brandon Reiter (Yeti)

1. Tough 6-2 loss to the Knights last night. What do you think went wrong? I think we just aren't playing to the level we are capable of. 2. You scored a power play goal to draw within a goal in the 2nd period, but they quickly answered. How discouraging was that? It's tough. We seem to be stuck in a pattern lately of scoring and then allowing the opposing team to answer right back. We need to focus on keeping that momentum going and not loosing it so fast. 3. Two losses in a row and 3 out of 4. How important do you consider next week’s game against the Xtreme considering you will be off the final week of the regular season? I think the most important thing is to go out and make sure we have a stronger game and click better as a team so we go into the playoffs a bit more fine tuned. I think we got a bit rusty mid season with quite a few players missing some time. 4. What was your overall impression of the Knights after playing them last night? The Knights are a good team and certainly a favorite. 5. Any positives to take out of these last 2 games? I don't like to lose and I'm trying to win every game. But sometimes I think losing can help you prepare for future success. Going into the playoffs with an imperfect record isn't necessarily a bad thing.


Luke McMinn (Knights)

1. Impressive 6 to 2 win over the Yeti last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? We knew it would take everything we had to win and talked about that before the game. You can’t expect to compete with a team like that and half-ass it. Everyone grinded on every shift. 2. With the win, you guys will more than likely be the top seed in the playoffs, which has a little more meaning this year since you can pick your opponents in the playoffs. Which of those lower teams would you like to play in the first round of the playoffs that you think could give you a good tune up for the rest of the playoffs? Really we haven’t discussed it. Every team that makes the playoffs presents a different challenge. And we’re in our tune up for the playoffs with these last 3 games (Xtreme/Yeti/Renegades) 3. Todd made a lot of saves last night. What can you say about his play so far this season? Todd’s been outstanding all season. Especially these last 2 games. He’s playing with a lot of confidence at the perfect time. 4. This group of guys are pretty fast. How do you keep up with them? Really short shifts and accurate passes 5. Renegades are coming up. What kind of game are you expecting from them this time around? They should be pretty fresh. I think Llew said they’ve only played twice this month? I expect another closely fought game. They’ve got a ton of talent and will be playing for playoff positioning. So it’ll take our best game to win.


Brett Trithart (Spare Parts)

1. You filled in for the spare parts. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? It was a great team effort, everyone played hard and gave it all they had considering we only had 6 guys 2. Were you happy with how you played? I am, I haven’t played since the championship game in April and it was nice being able to pick up where i left off 3. What was your impression of the team overall? Well rounded group, everyone got along and played well together 4. Did you think there was a goal that seemed to push the momentum on your side tonight? I wouldn’t say a goal scored for us, but early in the first the storm missed a wide open net and we scored first shortly after and I think that’s what gave us the momentum 5. You were supposed to sub for the storm but they were able to get a full team tonight. What was your overall impression of them tonight? They played well, they didn’t back down after going down early and kept pushing


Shawn Logan (Jagrbombs)

1. Hard fought 4 to 3 loss last night. What can you say about the team effort despite the loss? Team effort was good we just couldn't finish...not from lack of trying or opportunity. 2. Did you think there was a play or sequence that could have made the difference in the game? There are always plays you sometimes want to take back. The own goal on our penalty kill was a hard one to swallow just a crazy couple bounces. We have a habit of being tired in the second before we start to take realistic shift changes also. 3. This is the 2nd time the two teams have battled to a low scoring, one goal game. What kind of game are you expecting from them next week and will you be there for it? I will be there next week and you always mark those close games on the calendar. Due to the parity of the league these days I am liking the weighted schedule. I expect another hard fought 1 goal game. 4. What positives can you take from a game like this? The positives are that we had one heck of a rally late in the 3rd and nobody had their heads down. We just have to finish on a few of our chances not to discredit Sutter from robbing us occasionally. 5. Despite the loss, the team will more than likely be qualifying for a top 8 playoff spot. Are there any teams at the top of the standings that you would like to avoid or play in the first round? I still believe we have the ability stay in the game with anyone and the skill. What we dont have is the endurance to play a team like the knights. I would avoid the knights.


Henry Sutter (Following Mayhem's 9-4 loss to Renegades)

1. Tough 9-4 loss to the Renegades last night. What can you say about the team effort in the loss? I thought we rallied much better than last week after going down early. Instead of packing it in, we came out strong in the second and played well in the third. I’m much happier with our effort this week. 2. Did you think there was a goal or sequence that put the momentum on their side? I think I got caught sleeping early and let in some softies. I haven’t been shelled like that to start a game in a long time, and I honestly didn’t prepare myself well enough. I’ll have to find a way to bring my game earlier so that I don’t put us down too far too early. They stole the momentum during my first period nap, but I’m happy with the way the team responded. 3. What positives can you take out of the game? I think we showed some resilience, and I hope we take a similar approach against the top teams moving forward. We can’t give up on a game, and if we play well, we can hang around with anyone. 4. Any goals you wish you could take back? I always want them all back, but I was especially disappointed with my play in the first period. I really let the game get out of control and it cost us in the end. I have to be better for my team down the stretch. 5. A couple games with the Jagrbombs coming up. What kind of games do you expect this time around? I am expecting more of what we saw last time: a close game that features two evenly matched teams trying to make a playoff push. I really enjoyed the competition in the first game, and I hope to win the season series in the next couple weeks.

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