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Additional Postgame Interviews - 06/12

Kurt Schindler (Knights)

1. The team picked up a 12-0 mercy rule win over the Storm last night. How do you approach a game when you realize that you will probably win pretty handily? We approach every game the same way no matter who the opponent is. We want to be focused and work hard every week and not try to underestimate anyone or take any team in the league lightly. 2. The team is now tied with the Yeti for most points in the standings. You happy with the teams overall play these first 7 weeks? It’s hard to not be happy when the team is tied for first place and I am happy with where we are. However, with that said I still think there’s always things to be working on and improvements that can be made. We can’t get too comfortable and we need to stay focused and keep working hard. 3. Your only loss was to the Yeti. You think you guys have improved since then? I think we have. I think we’re building good chemistry with the two new guys, Luke and Amick, and everyone is finding their role on the team. And Todd is just as good as always in the net. We’re making good strides and it’s a fun team to be playing with. 4. You guys controlled the first game against the Colonials. What kind of game are you expecting from them this time around? The first game was a low scoring and hard fought battle and I’m expecting this next time around to be the same way. These are two very good teams going up against each other and it should make for another fun and exciting game. 5. The Storm are a new team and have had trouble getting guys to show up on a regular basis. As a guy who played on some not so good teams when you first started, what words of encouragement can you offer to some of those guys going forward? Like you said I (and some of my teammates) have been on newer teams so we know all about what they’re going through. For those guys you just need to keep working hard every week and making an effort to improve your skills. You can’t get too hung up on scores or standings or stats or any of that. That’s also where the mental part of the game factors in. It’s not just about physical ability or talent. You need to have a good grasp on attitude, focus and communication with your team. You just need to keep pushing through and hustling every week. The hard work will pay off and the improvement will feel great individually and for the teams as a whole.

Tim Herman (Colonials)

1. Back on the court tonight. How did it feel to be back? Felt really good to be back. It sucks getting hurt. I missed playing in general...being able to compete. Plus I Felt like I was letting the team down. And Really bad for Match having to cover for me. 2. Any pain following the game? my undisclosed lower body injury held up. Going through rehab, I had to “think” about movements to make them. This was no different. The good thing was as the game went on, I was able to move/react and not think. It was a little sore afterwards, but nothing a little ice and two Advil couldn’t help. 3. A 2 to 1 lead after 2 got larger. What do you think the team did better in that 3rd period? Ha. I’m really not sure if we made any adjustments after the second period. I tend to keep to myself between periods unless I see something glaring. So I’m not sure if there was any change in strategy. I yelled out to crash the net on the power play to start the second, and that seemed to work out well . But I’m guessing it was more of us clicking together and wearing them down more than anything else. 4. Knights are up again Monday night. What kind of game do you expect? I expect them to be flying. I will be seeing lots of shots. We need to play a smart game and take away Andy first and foremost. Be patient and make the most of our opportunities. And GET BACK because they are going to push up the court at us. 5. What can you say about the jagrbomb uniforms? I love the jerseys. I want one. Whomever came up with this should get some MVP votes this year. I can’t remember which Facebook page or website shows some of the “found this at a pens game”. But they soooooo need to be on there.

Dave Glass (New Storm Member)

1. The Storm have been depleted with absences all season and you volunteered to step in. Is your body having any regrets following last nights game? I feel surprisingly good! It was nice to have 3 subs there so this old guy could take shorter back can’t handle iron-man or anything close to that. My legs feel good and I didn’t get that winded, so that was a plus! 2. The team was mercy ruled early. Are there any positives to take out of that game? Realistically I knew that was going to be a 12-goal ending; it was just a matter of how long we lasted. On the positive side, the guys were very welcoming to me and easy to play with. I think there’s a chance for the team to improve. 3. Were you happy with how your own individual play at all and what can you say about the overall team effort? I was ok with my play. Once again I haven’t played in a long time, so I knew the stickhandling would be iffy- but I was very happy with my skating and endurance. 4. Dan has faced a lot of shots so far this season. What kind of potential do you think he has going forward? He made some spectacular saves last night. I think the most important thing for us as a team is to be more sound in our own end and try to limit the high-danger chances he faces. Against routine shots he looked just fine. I think he can become a good goalie in this league. 5. The team will face the Jagrbombs Monday night. Will you be there and what kind of realistic goals do you have for your team in that game? Yes I’m planning to be there if the team wants me. Obviously we are underdogs every week, but - and I mean no disrespect to Jagr - they aren’t the Knights. If we play good positional hockey, I think we can play 45 minutes with them. For me that should be the first goal- go the distance with a solid team. From there you work to improve and compete.


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