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Monday, 6/3

Todd Schickling (Knights)

1. 6-4 win over the Colonials last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? The boys had a gameplan in mind and executed it perfectly. I feel strongly that they controlled the pace of the game for sure. 2. You guys outshot them 55 to 29. Did you like the overall flow of the game? When our forecheck is on we are hard to beat. They passed very well, possessed well, and played both ends of the rink hard. So even if the Colonials got in our end it was almost a one and done shot. The flow worked well for me, the boys did a great job of keeping the shots to where I could see most of them and I felt pretty zoned in tonight. 3. How would you describe Matchock's effort in net last night? I mean he's played a few games and came up with a win for us in the first game of the season. Match has been playing well and displayed some great athleticism in net filling in for Herm. Fortunately for us, we played the numbers game and came out on top. 4. How did you think you guys did trying to contain Bob and Derik? Honestly, we played them very well. We stuck to our gameplan, and our great communication allows us to know where players are even without seeing them. It was a team defensive effort that helped us keep them at bay, and it appeared that they were a bit frustrated. 5. A 6-2 lead quickly got down to 6-4 with 38 seconds to go. Were you getting nervous at all? Nervous, eh I don't know. I don't think so. I guess the confidence of my guys helps to curb that. I think once it got within 2 we all tightened up our areas to close it out. I should have made some saves late, but some some good shots from Bob and Derik got them back in the game. Bob hit a slapper that I was screened a bit on, and I guessed wrong which side he was going. The shot Derik made from the side I saw Bob cut to the far side of the net so I tried to play both the shot and the pass, but Derik barried it in the corner. It was a well placed shot, and I know it wasn't luck as he's hit that one on me before. Those guys can score from anywhere, just have to be ready at all times no matter where they might be on the floor, even at the hard angles. As soon as you let your guard down that's when you're finding the ball behind you.

John Matchock (Colonials)

1. Tough 6-4 loss to the Knights last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? We battled back. It was 4-1 at one point. We kept battling 2. You had a couple tough games going into last night and was hesitant to suit up again for a while. What was going thru your mind when their first shot went in? Lol. The White Snake song “Here I Go Again”. 3. You made 49 saves on the night. Surely you were happy with your effort. Did you feel any better about your goalie play after last night? I was happy a little. I played better than previous outings. Let in a few that I shouldn’t have. We lost so my happiness was at bare minimum. 4. Naturally, you are probably kicking yourself for one or two that got by you. Any goals you wish you could take back? All of them. First one I wasn’t ready. Amick banked one off of me (we are no longer, Schindler snuck one in short side in the second period that should have been stopped. 5. The team was outshot 55-29. What do you think went wrong in the overall flow of the game? 55? I didn’t think it was that bad. We didn’t have enough zone time. I think we got better as the game went along but we didn’t start out well. Best defense is a good offense. We play them again I believe, we will be ready next time.

Zach Puhala (Mayhem)

1. 11 to 2 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? Team effort was excellent. We are starting to learn each other’s playing styles and starting to come together as a team. It was nice to see some nice passing and offense from the team

2. Are you happy with how the team has played so far this season? I am happy with how the team is playing. I’m having a blast playing with this group of guys. Still looking for that upset win but I think it’s just a matter of time

3. Chiefs are a new team this year. What kind of game were you expecting? I was expecting them to come out and play us tough. They have a couple newer guys and it takes time to get to know the playing style in the XHL.

4. How do you think Henry has looked in net? I think Henry has been playing very well. It’s a nice change of pace playing in front of him instead of playing against him. In Brockway we play each other and he’s always tough to score against. Definitely prefer to play in front of him instead of against him

5. Hows your body feeling following your return from injury at the Randy Carlson tournament? I can tell I’m still not 100% yet. It doesn’t bother me while playing or after the game, but I can tell it feels different then before the injury. Just a matter of time and I’ll be back to 100%

Shawn Logan (Jagrbombs)

1. Tough loss tonight. What can you say about the team effort? Team effort was great and everyone was positive despite being tired. Everyone was trying to make plays all game long which was a double edged sword with one sub. I left the game in high spirits. 2. No Larry, no cory. How tough was it playing without them? They both eat a lot of minutes and cory is key to our breakout. The only positive was the newer guys on the team actually looked comfortable playing against a top tier team and made some plays defensively. 3. What positives can you take out of the game? Lee made alot of big saves and not one of our guys hung their head or quit playing even late in the 3rd when it was difficult to skate. 4. What was your impression of the yeti? That team is full of alot of grinders that are difficult to move off the ball. I liked the physicality of the game yet it never got overboard. Dan surprised me with his persistence as a net front presence as a stay at home D man I hate nothing more than guys setting up shop in our crease. I hate having to sit back like that makes me miss offsides sometimes. 5. They pulled away in the 2nd period. What did you think went wrong in that stretch? When you are short benched i try to take a close look at the first period and and take the 2nd and 3rd with a grain of salt. Brandon deserves alot of credit as well he just took the game into his own hands in the second and third.

Aaron Postlewait (Chiefs)

1. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? Team tried hard but we have some improving to do 2. What positives can you take out of the loss? Positives would be everyone is trying to better themselves and we didn't get mercy ruled 3. You havent been able to play much the last couple years. You feeling ok with how you have been playing so far? Me not playing has for sure affected my endurance and shooting I feel I'm doing okay but could for sure use a lot of improving 4. What was your impression of the mayhem tonight? Mayhem looked pretty good as a team but I know they have some chemistry so they can for sure hold there own against the top competition they should be right up there 5. You think overall team chemistry is looking any better? Our team isn't doing bad with chemistry we just need to work on passing more and learning the playing style of each other and more passing but overall we are getting used to each other just have to get the foundation built then try picking up speed but overall I see some chemistry but it still needs work


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