• Summer Anderson

February 25th

AJ Cebulskie (Red)

1. Tough 10-7 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? It was a tough loss but I think we played decent. But there is stuff we could work on for sure. 2. Did you think there were plays that turned the momentum in their favor? Yes, there were plays where we turned it over. That is one of our problems lately. 3. The team is in a little bit of a slump. What do you think has gone wrong in recent weeks? We played good the first couple weeks and then it just went down hill. I think I could be playing better but I think it’s just getting better passes and playing smarter. 4. 2 weeks left. What improvements are needed? I definitely need to pick it up. We need to keep it in the zone, make good passes, and more shots on net. 5. Have you made any plans for summer league yet? My plans for summer are to just play hard

Lauren Dodd (Grey)

1. Nice 6-3 win last night. What can you say about the team effort in the win? It was indeed a great team effort, and hard fought on both sides. 2. Did you think there was a play or plays that helped turn the game in your favor? It was such a close game the whole way through, everyone just kept grinding and kept things moving. 3. Whats it been like playing on this team? It’s definitely been interesting and kind of intense in a way. Absolutely incredible team mates though, extremely encouraging and very insightful. They’re awesome haha 4. 8 and 0 with 2 weeks left. Do you think the team needs any improvements? Pretty much every game we’ve played has been very close so I think we just need to keep pushing forward. 5. Are you going to try to play this summer? I want to, I really do, but I don’t know if I’m going to want to keep beating myself up all week though lol. I’m currently at a roller rink 4 evenings a week, and work the other 3 days. And I don’t know what’s going to happen with my work schedule, especially since I’m finishing up school, and now I have adult derby bouts to start attending....but I should probably try anyways hahaha keep me moving.

Zach Foradori (Lime Green)

1. Tough 6-3 loss last night to team grey. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? We never quit. Doc stood on his head for a couple saves to keep ya close. Until that empty net goal we all thought we could win. 2. Did you think there was a play or plays that turned the game in their favor? We had a good push going later in the game that they defended very well. Then bob went and scored and it just took all the air out of us. 3. Team Grey remains undefeated. What was your impression of them after last nights game? They’re a solid team. They all know their roles and on top of that they have rob in net. 4. 2 weeks left. What do you think the team needs improvement on before the playoffs? We need to stop giving up odd man breaks. And we need to quit being selfish. Hockey is a ream game and if you don’t know how to play as a team you won’t get very far. And we need to start using our subs more 5. Do you hope to be a part of a team this summer? Yes I do. Whoever asks I’ll be ready to play for.

Tyler Luzier (White)

1. 13-2 win last night over black despite not having a sub. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Everyone played hard and smart and it payed off.

2. You appear to be playing better this winter. Are you more confident now than you were when you first started playing in Reynoldsville? No, but I have an awesome team in front of me this season, they are doin a good job of making me look good, well, better.

3. Whats the experience of playing in Reynoldsville been like for you so far and do you want to try to play this summer? I’m having fun and it’s a good group of people, but it can be very frustrating at times too. When you feel like you can’t keep your team in the game it starts wearing you down. I haven’t givin a lot of thought to summer, I would probably play.

4. You were a part of the meeting when the computer draft was discussed. Whats been your overall take on how it turned out so far? So far so good, a lot of very close games, a lot of overtime and a lot of shootouts. Any team could win on any night.

5. How do you like your teams chances going forward? I’m confident we can do very well as long as we play smart.

Jerred Amick (Aqua)

1. 8-7 overtime win last night. What can you say about the team effort in the win? As a team, we are growing and continuing to make steps in the right direction. It seems that most of the team is starting to play into the system that I think is needed to win with these group of guys. 2. A 7-5 lead with 2 minutes to go quickly turned 7-7. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? we got caught chasing and leaving guys wide open. I can specifically remember Larry back on D and being forced to cover Brandon AND Brian at the same time. After that momentum swinging goal, we were on our heels and it was only a matter of time until they notched another one on us. After giving up those two quick ones, its best to just hold out and take the point and force it to overtime 3. You were able to score a shootout goal last night to clinch the win. Did you have any specific strategy going up against Jeremy Lee in a one on one situation? If you do not go into a shoot out with a plan then you are setting yourself up for failure. Personally, I'm looking at Jeremy's positioning as well as previous shooters decisions as well.. Is he cheating my deke a bit? Is he even biting on my shot/head fakes? I deked over shooting twice during the game, so Jeremy Lee had to be expecting deke again as well, right? 4. 2 weeks left to go. Whats your overall take on this team right now? This team has lots of potential as long as we are able to stick to our system,otherwise we get chasing and under siege in our own zone. We have trouble with takeaways and our long stretch passes. If we can clean up a few things including forcing turnovers instead of attempting takeaways, I think we will be in excellent shape to win the championship for the first computer draft. On another note, I am really liking the computer draft this time around, as long as key players are not absent (this really makes teams lopsided) 5. You have been a pens fan for many years. With that said, whats your prediction for them for the rest of the season? The Pens certainly have quite a battle ahead of themselves. I think they are missing key roles in their line up that JR has been trying to piece in now for a few months. When taking into account the other teams in the league, it certainly doesn't look hopeful for the Pens when you compare them to the Knights, Jets, Leafs, and bolts, it looks very difficult. That is my final four predictions (barring any season ending injuries that is).

Cody Schuckers (Gold)

1. 10-7 win over Red last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I think we played an overall good game took a period to get our defense sorted out but we tightened up when we needed to and capitalized when we had the chances 2. What do you think made the difference for you guys? Took a while for us to gain some traction but got some chemistry and are finally clicking 3. You haven’t been able to play that much. Whats your status for the rest of the winter league? Same as always make two games miss two games 4. You were a part of the Randy Carlson winning team. How would you compare this tournament to some of the others you have played in? Was nice to win of course playing with a new group of guys I don’t normally get to play with always having Adam in net helps hah most importantly though the whole event was for a great cause 5. Rumor has the Hooligans possibly going their separate ways or with some new faces. Have you made any plans yet for the summer? Yes I’ve made plans but I’ll let the captain make the announcement on that

Steve Pompeii (Black)

1. 13-2 loss to white last night. Any positives you can take out of the game? Not really to be honest. It’s one of those games where you just put it behind you and move on. 2. This was your first game back in a month. How did you feel physically? I felt pretty good actually. Just felt good to get back out there and compete. 3. The team had been on a nice winning streak despite your absence. What do you think went wrong tonight? Everything. We had turnovers after turnovers. Couldn’t really create any offense. Just wasn’t our night. Their team is really good. They are fast and relentless on the forecheck. That creates a nightmare for any team. They played a perfect game. Hats off to them 4. 2 weeks left in the season. What improvements are needed after last night’s game? I think we’re fine. Just need to put it all together consistently here on out. 5. Whats your prediction for the Penguins? Playoffs, no playoffs? Listen, us pens fans are spoiled. We just recently witnessed back to back cup wins. What more could you ask for. They are a great team. Just not at the moment. It seems other teams are getting faster and we are getting slower. Hopefully they put it all together soon or they will be making their tee times early this year. So on that note i think they will squeak in but they won’t be raising lord Stanley. Hope I’m wrong



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