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February 18th

Brandon Vollmer (Blue)

1. Nice 7 to 6 overtime win tonight over White. How would you describe the team effort? It was good, probably our best overall game yet, we are definitely improving with time 2. Take us thru the teams overtime winning goal? Brandon Reider, not much more you can say. I he carried the puck all the way from our end, I tried to drive the center lane right to the net to take a defender and screen the goalie and he made a great shot 3. The team fell 7 to 6 in a shootout last week. Do you like playing in these close games? Of course, that’s what we play for, no one enjoys a blowout loss, and even a blowout win is nice but not much fun compared to a tight competitive game. Seems to bring out the best in guys 4. You think team chemistry looks better than a few weeks ago? By far, we still arent there yet, but we are getting there with each game played 5. How would you describe Jeremy Lee's effort in net tonight? Sensational, it’s so big for a team when you do make a mistake and your goalie is their to back you up, we got lucky on a couple of post’s as well, but overall he was on his game and deserves much of the credit for giving us a chance


Tim Herman (Aqua Blue)

1. 5 to 3 win tonight. How would you describe the team effort in the win? That was by far our best game of the season. We weathered the early push by them and adjusted to their speed. We were able to play a pretty tight defensive game and limit their chances 2. The team fell behind 2 to 0. What do you think turned the game in your favor? normally I would have to say getting that first goal against Adam. “He’s not a machine... he’s a man”. But we’ve had some games where it just seem like we couldn’t buy a break and when I turned the ball over for the second goal, it could have gone down that same road. But when we got the second goal from a bad bounce for was like we knew we were back in it. 3. Only 3 goals against. Were you happy with how you played individually? other than the second goal when I played it straight to one of their players, I was very happy. It’s the best results I’ve had in a a while now. I was seeing the ball well and guys were blocking a ton of shots in front of me. 4. 7 weeks in. You like where the team stands right now? I feel like we are rounding into form. That win two weeks ago was a confidence boost for me and the team. This week was a good sequel. Hopefully that continues 5. Team Blue up next week. You missed the first game against them. What kind of game are you expecting? well you know Brandon is going to try to shoot right through me. And when he’s not doing that, he will try his deceptively fast power move around the defense into me on net. Let’s stop both of these Aqua. Then Steve is going to be flying around like crazy.... complaining about every missed call. I hope the refs don’t fall for it.


Rob Keith (Grey)

1. 9 to 4 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Well, we went down 0-2 when Kevin scored alone in front, followed by a breakaway goal by Denny. We knew we had to tighten up defensively, and that's exactly what we did. 2. What do you think made the difference in the win? We started to turn defensive plays into scoring opportunities, especially after the big PK when we were down 0-2. Then we started putting pucks in the net, and really didn't look back! 3. The team remains unbeaten. What do you think has led to a 7 and 0 start? Oh gosh, everyone is playing so well! Everyone is contributing on both sides, and it's awesome to be a part of it! 4. Were you happy with how you played individually tonight? After not playing for 2 weeks, yes, I was happy with my play. Tough to give up those 2 early goals, but it helped break a little rust off of me. The team played some really good D in front of me as well, and that helped swing the momentum. 5. Any chance you will be a part of the xhl this summer? No, it's already going to be a busy summer. I tried last year, but I let the team down and only made 1 game. I don't want to do that to a team again.


Mikael Wenden

1. 9-4 loss to team Gray last night. How would you describe the overall team effort? We played well the first half of the game and we were competitive with the grey force. The second half is not much to talk about, let’s say that our defense took a hike. 2. Grey remains unbeaten. What was your impression of them after last night’s game? Grey is a hard team to beat, they are playing smart and utilizing the strength of each player. Then if you had a great quarterback and a great goalie to their game plan, yeah, I think it sums up why they are successful. 3. What positives can you take out of last night’s game? The first half for sure, we played well in both zones and did not give grey too many scoring chances. When we are sticking to our game plan we are competitive with any team in the league. 4. 3 games left. What improvements do you think are needed to try to get things turned around? Easier said than done, but we need to act according to the plan we have made. Too many times we are giving up 3 on 1 and 2 on 1 against us and are penalized for it. So, no rocket science, tighter defense and consistent backchecking. 5. Do you hope to be a part of the league this summer? No not really, I do not think I am competitive at that level yet.

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