• Summer Anderson

Jim Dennison/Ben Rossi

Jim Denison (GOLD)

1. Tough 11-8 loss to team Grey Monday night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? Gold team effort was great. Gold scored 8 goals against a very defensive minded team. We should have left there with a win Monday night. 2. Did you think there was a play or sequence that may have turned the momentum in their favor? Yes I definitely do, the first 2 goals of the game caught me leaning the wrong way or just out of position. That left us trying to play catch up the entire game. 3. Are there any goals they scored that you wish you could take back? Well the first 2 for sure and maybe 3 or 4 others. Gray Team is a crafty bunch! they seemed to have a knack for scoring goals against me 4. Grey hasn’t lost a game yet. What was your overall impression of them after playing them on Monday night? I was very impressed with the Gray Team. They really seemed to click in unison as one, no overwhelming or weak spots. To quote Bob from a post of his a few months back "Hockey is the ultimate team sport" He really does have that figured out. 5. 5 games left, what improvements do you think the team needs going forward?

I am predicting 5 W's in a row to end the season. We have had 2 overtime loses and the other 3 loses were very close. So I am thinking if I can muster up a few more saves a game we will be on track for a great Winter League season ending.

Ben Rossi (Black)

1. You joined up with team black last night. How do you think yourself and the team looked in last nights win? I felt like the game came right back to me, I was worried I'd be rusty after not playing for so long, but I felt good. I like our team alot were strong in net, were a young team with a lot of energy and got good veteran leadership with Freddy on the back end. Playing with Andy really helped make it easy on me he draws alot of attention and is a joy to play with. He is not selfish at all. He sees the court well, if your open he'll put the ball on your stick. 2. You haven’t played hockey for a long time. What was it like to be back? It was great to be back I love hockey. My dad was excited I was playing again as well he loves to come watch me play. Like I said earlier I felt good out there just need to get back into shape i was really getting fatigued halfway through the game had to cut my shifts down. 3. What exactly made you want to come back? With my new job I have Mondays off which is perfect because that's the day you guys play. I stopped playing because of my last job with my schedule I was unable to play. 4. How do you feel about your teams chances going forward? I like our teams chances going forward I think we could win it all although I am a realist I would say we're underdogs on winning it all. With the youngness of our team and how hard we play I think we could pull it off. 5. Do you still try to follow the xhl from time to time? I haven't really followed the xhl since I've been gone to be honest, but since I'm back if anybody needs someone for summer hit me up! I plan on playing in all the leagues again!


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