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January 14th Postgame Interviews

Bob Anderson (Grey)

1. Your team improved to 2-0 on the season and has only allowed 5 goals the first 2 games. Considering some of your teammates didn’t play fall league, are you happy with how your team has played these first 2 weeks?

Definitely! I think we played better defense as a group last night than we did in the first week. We were in better position and limited Black's scoring chances. It's early yet and we are still figuring out our individual roles within the team dynamic, but I'm encouraged by what I see so far! 2. No Brian, no Fred, no Jeramie Reynolds. You usually have at least one of them on your fall or winter league teams. You now have role players like Phil Pompeii, Lauren Dodd and Steve Hetrick. How do you think they have played these first 2 weeks?

I'm impressed with everyone so far! I've played with Phil before so I know he's a solid player who you can rely on to play steady defensively. He can also pitch in some goals with his underrated shot. Steve and Lauren are good hustlers and have pitched in offensively as well. It takes everyone to win a championship in these leagues and I think everyone on our team is going to be an important contributor.

3. Brian, Fred and Jeramie Reynolds usually fit in pretty well on teams you put together. Now, they are apart. You got to play against Fred, ref one of Brian’s games and one of Jeramie Reynolds games. You think they can find a way to fit in with their new teammates?

Absolutely! I thought Fred played a typical Fred-like game against us last night. He is always back on defense and in good position. He even scored one of their goals last night with a nice wrist shot. I watched the Blue team in the high-scoring affair at 7:00 and saw Brian get several quality chances and bury a couple of them doing what he always does. And Jeramie continues to get better every league.

4. You didn’t have many concerns defensively with this new team, but you thought the offense could struggle at times. You think the team has looked good on the offensive side these first 2 weeks?

If you look at our team on paper, we seem to be a mainly defensive group. That said, I think we've done a good job of using our defense to create offense. We've been able to get the ball out of our own end, find the open player, and create scoring chances. We've also been spreading the offense around. It hasn't been just one or two players carrying the load. That's a good sign going forward!

5. The Randy Carlson tournament is only a couple weeks away and is scheduled to have 90 players. You have organized this event for many years and are helping the Dahrouge Family out this year as well as a 2 year old boy battling cancer. How much do you know about the 2 year old with cancer and how tough will it be playing this year knowing that one participant last year (Jon Dahrouge) has since passed away?

Jon did play in past Randy Carlson tournaments. And while I didn't have the pleasure to get to know him the way others did, I know that he will be greatly missed! We wanted to do something to help his family during this time and will have a donation basket for anyone who would like to contribute.

The proceeds from our Chinese auction and tournament will be donated to the parents of Bentley Landis, a 2 year old boy who is battling leukemia. My wife, Summer, has been in contact with his mom Kali. She is so grateful for our support and so positive despite the worries they are facing. As a parent of two young children, I feel for her and Bentley's father Andrew. I heard it described once that having children is like having your heart go walking around outside your body. The last thing they need right now is to worry about money. My goal is to surpass last year's total of $2,200 raised, which was the most ever. Please spread the word and bring extra money to buy some tickets to our Chinese auction. There are a ton of great prizes that we will be giving away!


Dan Fatula (Team White)

1. Hard fought, low scoring shoot out win last night. How would you describe your team effort in the win? It was a battle the entire game. There were some good individual efforts and our goaltender kept our team in the game.

2. This team looks pretty solid on paper. How do you think the team has looked the first 2 weeks? I think the key will be if we can learn to play together. At this point we are still figuring out how to do that. Our team is really deep and I think we'll be hitting our stride within the next few weeks.

3. You have been known for scoring some big goals the past couple years. How much fun has it been just being able to play hockey at a high level as yourself and everyone else gets just a little bit older? I love every minute of it. Even a "bad" night of hockey at the drome is still a good night. As far as age goes, it keeps me feeling young

4. Every team was drafted based on a computer instead of the traditional drafting method. From what you have seen of the teams and the games, do you think the computer did a good job of drafting the teams? Its a great concept and seems to have worked. If nothing else you have a mixture of players who normally don't play together and that is good for the growth of individuals

5. The Randy Carlson tournament is less than 2 weeks away. How do you feel about your teams chances and more importantly, how much does it mean to be able to help support a little boy battling cancer and a family who recently lost a loved one (Jon Dahrouge)? I am excited and very fortunate to play with the talented group on our roster. I feel we should go deep into the tournament. I was very moved with last year's event and the generosity of so many and couldn't wait to do it again. The XHL has shown the community we are more than just a hockey league. I hope we continue providing help to those in need.


Adam McKinley (Lime Green)

1. You picked up a 9-5 win over a depleted Gold team last night. How would you describe your team effort in these first 2 weeks? I think the effort is great. The guys are getting a feel for each other and I think things will come together nicely. 2. You have Derik Day to carry the team, but the team may be lacking that complementary guy to him. How do you think some of the younger guys like Zach, Tyler Waltman, Tyler Reynolds and Curtis Johnson can fit in with this team as well a long time XHL member, Ryan Johnson? I think we have a good mix of guys. We haven't had everyone yet and won't for awhile, but I think we can hold our own and make a good run. 3. Computer Draft vs Human Draft. From the teams you have seen and the play these first 2 weeks, what are your thoughts on the computer draft so far? I think it was something different to try and it hasn't been too disappointing. It's tough to judge though because a few top guys have been absent for their teams, including my team. 4. The Randy Carlson Tournament is less than 2 weeks away. 90 players, 18 teams, and supporting 2 good causes this year (a little boy with cancer and Jon Dahrouge). How does it feel to be a part of such a special event and supporting these causes? It feels great! I was privileged to get to meet and enjoy our short time with Randy and I've known Jon since we were little kids. We lost both guys way too early. To be apart of this tourney since it's inception and to see grow every year, has been amazing. I've been lucky enough to win it a few times am looking to defend my win from last year. It's a great cause, especially since we support local people in need. I'm looking forward to another wonderful tournament. 5. You are sort of the Tom Brady of the XHL considering you have had a lot of success and you have been playing in the XHL as long as Tom Brady has played in the NFL. You are both still playing at a high level and it doesn’t look like either one of you are ready to retire anytime soon. How many more years do you think you can keep playing at a high level considering the competition level appears to keep growing? Ha, I never realized I've been playing as long as Brady. I still feel pretty good. When I look at my age, I realize I'm playing against some kids that are almost 20 years younger than me. It feels pretty good that I can still compete with them. It's a good feeling! I actually don't feel my age at all and maybe that's how Brady feels as well. I cannot give an idea of how many more "years" I plan on playing. I still love playing the game and I'm constantly trying to improve my game. As long as my body feels good and I enjoy playing, you'll see me on the court trying stop a couple shots. I sure would like to play with my son in the XHL. He's 9, so there's a few years to go yet.


Steve Kalgren (Blue)

1. You are celebrating a birthday today. Any big plans to help celebrate it or are you going about it as just another day? Having a birthday right after christmas has always kinda hampered down on excitement and spending. Kind of a gyp ha. So tuesday is business as usual. 2. You have been back on the court since your mowing injury last September. How are you feeling out there and have ?you noticed any complications from the injury? I hurt just about everywhere but the foot. Amazing recovery. The biggest complication has been my conditioning. I really need to work more cardio into my life outside of hockey. 3. Your winter league team got its first win last night. How would you describe the play? Good, bad, ugly or a little bit of everything? Yea, we picked up a good win. Week 1, we began to identify all of our problems, and got to know each other a smidge. So I say it was a good win because in week 2, we managed improve marginally on multiple aspects. Resulted in a 3 goal come from behind. And we staved off a last minute push by bunkering down, taking a timeout, and using that time to communicate what we were doing wrong. The results were good. 4. This team seems to have a lot of offense, but is lacking some discipline defensively. How concerned are you with that as the rest of the season unfolds? Eh. Alot. Not at all. It is what it is. I like to think of the winter league as a learning workshop. Your always faced with some sort of challenge that needs to be deciphered. Only way to improve. 5. The Randy Carlson tournament is less than 2 weeks away. Your team seems to make it pretty far every year. What expectations do you have this year and how do you usually feel the day after the tournament is over? I just hope everyone feels and stay healthy and have a good time. Although, it does feel good to win for Randy. 6. Between Christmas and your birthday, did anyone bring you a new lawn mower yet? Hahaha no, no lawn charity has pulled my name yet. Its about time for those off-season sales though....


Fred Terwilliger (Team Black) ------------- "Chemistry"

1. Back on the court last night, but surrounded by different teammates. How strange was it not having the Anderson’s last night? The next several questions will probably share the same theme.... chemistry. I wouldn't use the word "strange"... but there is definitely a chemistry that exists between players who frequently play together. That was missing. We have a couple guys from the Knights who have played together but the rest of us just have to build a chemistry. 2. You are surrounded by new teammates. Do you think you can find a role with this team and adjust to maybe a little different style of play? Going to try to develop some different skills... specifically offensive awareness. You don't have to be a spectacularly skilled player to contribute. If I can develop a little offensive awareness, I can adapt to the younger style of play. 3. The team only put up 2 goals. Do you think offense was a problem for the team or was it mainly due to team grey having a variety of good defenseman on their team? I think the afore-mentioned chemistry is an issue when it comes to scoring. Gray team does have some defensive ability as well. 4. You were recently a part of the fall league championship team. How would you compare that championship team to some of the other fall and winter league championship teams you have been on? The fall league championship was a sheer example of role players playing THEIR role and it working. We just got lucky that we had a person able to fill each required role and then excel at that role. 5. The winter league went with a computer style draft over the traditional human draft. Based on what little bit you know about the teams, did you like the change or do you like more human element involved in drafting teams? I think it is neat to play with players with which you don't normally play... but it does eventually come back to, you guessed it, chemistry. When a person drafts a team, they can consider more than just skill level.... personality, dependability, attitude, etc. It's fun to play with new players but indeed is also fun to play with friends. I think, in the end... a human draft would probably end up with similarly skilled rosters.


Jerred Amick (Aqua Blue)

1. Hard fought 4-3 loss last night. How would you describe the team effort in the loss? I think we need to be smarter on defense. We really were sluggish with our outlet passes, myself included. We got caught chasing too much and not covering man to man. We need to work on cleaning up our zone and allow our forwards to play offense. We have been getting some production from our lower lines which is awesome which is making up for our top line’s low production. 2. 2 games in. How do you think this team looks going into the rest of the winter league season? I think a lot of the teams look close when everyone shows up. I think as a team we have tons of potential to improve. I haven’t been able to find my groove yet as I can tell with some other players on our team too. There’s much room for improvement and if we can get everyone in sync, I think we have a championship team. 3. You put the computer drafting idea out there a few years ago and the idea was finally utilized. From what you have seen the first couple weeks and the teams on paper, are you happy with how things panned out? Things have looked good so far. Getting this drafting idea finally passed was a relief. I feel like going up against congress to pass a bill and I’m shut down every time. Every time gaining a little more traction until this time, I was finally able to convince majority vote. From what I can see so far, it’s not a complete failure, so I don’t look like a fool, yet. 4. Randy Carlson tournament is less than 2 weeks away. How do you feel about your teams chances and how does it feel to be a part of an even that continues to grow and help support a 2 year old with cancer and a family who recently lost Jon Dahrouge? I like the idea of different divisions and playing against people that normally I don’t play against. It’s also awesome to play hockey for a cause instead of just showing up and playing as a hobby. The atmosphere is also pretty awesome down there during the randy. It’s one of my favorite annual things I look forward to because it’s such a unique tournament. 5. You had a very tough Christmas. Are you glad to be back to playing hockey on Monday nights and does it help you with trying to move on? I’m playing in grove city puck league as well as Monday nights here plus I’m back to school for my last semester of college so I’m staying busy and excited to finally be done.


Jim Dennison (Gold)

1. The team was pretty depleted last night. How would you describe their effort? Team effort was great, Dave and Chuck are real work horses out there and Andrew and Garrett were holding up there own, it was nice to have Steve and Denny filling in and contributing as well. Lime team did not let up they just kept coming at us relentlessly all game. I felt the tide start to shift in our favor by the end of the 2nd but they snuck a couple by me to start the 3rd putting the game out of reach. 2. Teams tend to be more offensive minded in the fall and winter leagues which puts more heat on the goalies. Do you get discouraged when you give up a couple in a row and can facing a lot of shots help benefit your play going forward? I get more disappointed in myself rather than discouraged. The goals that get by earlier on in a game seem to have more of a punch to the nose about them cause they set the momentum of the game. I do not mind taking shots at all. I just have to get my save/goal ratio better and the only way is to take shots. 3. You recently had a birthday. What did you do to celebrate it? HAHA that 20th birthday again, that makes me the youngest goalie in the league. I worked 7am to 7pm, the same as I did the day before and the same as the day after. But all is good I only work 3 days a week. At some point I realized birthdays are a privilege not a right. I just make them count, stick them in my back pocket and look forward to the next. 4. The Randy Carlson tournament is soon approaching. Are you looking forward to it and what does it mean to be a part of an event that benefits families in need? Yes I really am looking forward to the Randy Carlson Tournament. Its good hockey all day long to partake in and to watch. I like the whole format of it all, 10 minute games, one right after the other non stop for 10 hours and it is so well organized. For the XHL and the Schuckers family to do the work and put this on for a family that has to deal with this terrible disease is so awesome. 5. You have been playing hockey in Reynoldsville for over a year now. Whats the experience been like? It has been a great experience and always exciting. I am always looking forward to the next game.


Josh Clontz (Red)

1. Tough 11-8 loss last night to team Blue. How would you describe the team effort in the loss? Honestly I thought our effort tonight was up and down. Our boys played great two way hockey in the first period, but looked a little flat in the second and then came out and went to work in the third. We have some things to address but this is a talented group and I am sure we will get things sorted out. 2. Defensively, teams are getting a lot of shots on you. Is defense a concern going into the rest of the winter league season? When I first looked at the roster two things came to mind…we are going to score a lot of goals, and I am going to see a lot of shots, so far that has been our story. I am really not worried about the defense, we have a team full of offensive players and they are going to take time to adjust to playing both ends and until then it’s a good way for me to shake off some rust! 3. You gave up 11 goals, but faced a lot of shots. Were you happy with how you played or are there some goals they got you think you should have prevented? Let’s get the facts together, I gave up ten goals and one was an empty net….the way things are going my stats need all the help they can get!!! Even though it wasn’t the outcome we wanted I did have some stops that I was happy about. On the other hand I know I need to step up and stop more than I have been, one popped out of my glove and went in, things like that I need to clean up. 4. The team got off to an early lead last night, then got down by 3, but got within 1 in the 3rd period. Did you think there a goal or play that may have finally swung the game in their favor? Nothing stands out as a definitive turning point to me, it was a good back and forth hockey game. I felt like either team had a solid chance at getting the W until the open netter at the end. 5. You will be a part of the Randy Carlson tournament. How much does it mean to support a 2 year old boy with cancer and also supporting a fellow who recently passed away unexpectedly playing hockey last weekend? I always enjoy the Randy, it’s a good time and a great cause! I know the Anderson’s put a lot of effort into organizing this event and I am really glad to be part of it. I am sure John’s family as well as Bentley, Kali and Andrew will appreciate everything we can do for them

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