• Summer Anderson

Blame the yellow jerseys ------ Todd Schickling

1. Tough loss tonight. What do you think went wrong in that 2nd period for your guys? I don't know if it is so much what we did wrong, or what they did right. They are a high octane group and they brought their A-game. I think I might blame the yellow jerseys, ha! 2. The team missed some assignments on defense. Do you think the team hit the panic button after falling behind more and more? I think we tried to focus on the comeback and in order to do that you have to score goals. Sometimes when you push that hard on offense it can lead to chances for the other team. So when the boys are working that hard I need to be able to make some big stops to keep us in it and in the end I didn't get the job done. Unfortunately, the hockey gods didn't seem to smile in our favor. 3. Two losses in a row. What positives if any can you take out of this game? Losing is sometimes essential to success. So I think all of us individually can find some area to improve in after dropping a couple. We try to win them all, but sometimes you just can't. Mistakes equals learning and growth, so you just run with it. However, at the end, the playoffs is where the season is at. 4. How do you feel about this group of teammates going into the rest of the fall league? I'm very confident in what we can do. I have full faith in the guys in front of me. I think a little more on rink communication will help us from here on out. 5. Tough losses to the Renegades in the finals. How tough was it to make it that far but to fall short in the end? I mean no one likes to lose, but to make it that far period exceeded all of my personal expectations. I was just happy that the Knights were able to give me the chance to play, and probably give me the most enjoyable competitive experience of my life.


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