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Steve Pompeii/Derrian Matchock

Steve Pompeii ----------- Too many bee's flying around gets the best of Yeti:

1. Tough 7 to 1 loss to the knights last night. You think they wore you down in that 3rd period when the game was still close? No not at all. We shot ourselves in the foot with turnovers. They were like a bunch of bee’s out there flying around keeping the pressure on us the entire series. We just couldn’t find room to work with 2. Only one goal. Did you think the team had quality scoring chances? No. We maybe had 2-3 grade A scoring chances. That’s not going to get you a win. 3. What do you think the difference was between the knights you guys beat last season to this years knights team? They wanted it more and they showed it. Never took their foot off the pedal. They could taste it from the loss last year and changed the script. Hats of to those guys. Congrats Knights 4. What positives can you take out of the season? We made one hell of a run. Not too many people thought we would even make it this far. I wouldn’t have wanted to play with any other group of guys. We all had fun and gave it our all out there. I just want to congratulate Adam on the year he had. Without him we wouldn’t have made it to the playoffs. He was the backbone of the team. Now it’s time to let the body heal up for a couple weeks and get ready for Fall league.

5. Whats your prediction for the finals? Wow, that’s a tough one. They both have speed and talent. Either team can take control at any moment. It will definitely be one to watch. But if i had to choose one I’m going to go with Renegades. They seem to keep getting better every week. But anything can happen. Good luck to both teams.

Derrian Matchock ------------ Can he add another championship to his 2018 resume?

1. 13 to 5 win last night. What can you say about the team effort in the win? it was perfect. Everyone played their part and couldn’t ask for a better team performance 2. They beat you in overtime in game 1. Did you think you could beat those guys 2 in a row after that deflating loss? I knew we could was just a matter of if we can. Their style of hockey is defiantly tough to play against but it’s always fun. They’re good but we played just a little bit better. 3. You have scored your share of goals this season. How do you think you have fit in with these guys? I love playing with everyone. They work hard and get along with everyone on and off the court. Being with a good team definitely help me improve myself as a a player 4. You already have a championship in brockway. How do you feel about your teams chances against the knights? I feel good about it. I believe we split the series in the regular season. I missed both games so not sure how they really look. I know they’re fast but so are we and Todd is just.... Todd. 5. The game 3 win came at an expense late in the game. You will be without a key player for game 1. You think you guys can fill his void for one night on monday? I think we can. I don’t like the suspension to begin with since worse things happen during our series and no suspensions were given. But it is what it is and we’re going to just keep playing how we’ve been playing. I hope to have a good series and wish the knights the best of luck. Except Todd.

5. Renegades vs Knights. Got a prediction?


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