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Postgame Interviews ---- 07/16

Trenton Bembenic --------------- Better days ahead for Mayhem:

1. Tough 14 to 2 loss tonight. What positives can you take out of the game? I thought we communicated well on the floor and played good defense for the most part 2. 1st season in the league. What's it been like so far? It’s been fun playing and learning how everyone on my team plays 3. What have you been happiest with your own individual game so far and what do you think you need improvement in? I’ve been happy with how I’m passing and shooting, I think I need improvement on my handling and defense 4. What can you say about some of the guys on this team? I think my team and I have come a long way since our first week playing together, I feel like we all improved in every part of our game 5. Following the season, do you plan on playing fall or winter league? I plan on playing in both so I can continue to improve

Steve Hetrick ---------------- Back to back games last night getting him back in shape:

1. You got a good taste of hockey tonight. How are you feeling? Being that it was a double header, I feel good getting back into the groove of things again. I definitely have much to improve on, but am getting better each week. 2.Vikings hung tough with the hooligans for 20 minutes or so. What can you say about the effort? We played some really great defense and everyone just seemed to click. We didn't give the hooligans very many options. 3. 52 saves for Rich in net. What can you say about his effort? Amazing job by Rich. Couldn't have asked for anything better on his end. A truly great hockey player. I fell a bit short when my skate broke in half and wasn't able to stay back to give him more help and support. 4. Lazer game didnt go as well. What do you think went wrong? I think having Dustin and I pulling a double header, we were not able to give it our all. And playing iron Man took it's toll on us. Overall they are still a great group of guys and still bring their A game each week. 5. You have got to play a few weeks now. What's it like being back? It is still just as much fun as it was many years ago. The league has a good diversity of both older and younger players and many different skill levels. Also the camaraderie is amazing. Great group of guys that will lend a hand or even a set of skates when a player is in need. I didn't get his name, but please give him some gratitude for helping out a fellow player

Rich Wood -------------- 52 saves not enough, but still happy to be playing hockey at his age:

1. 52 saves tonight. How did you feel out there in this hot weather? I felt pretty good through the first and half the second after that it was all down hill, should have drank more water today , probably would have felt better 2. Its been a tough season for you guys. What did you think of tonights team effort? The team played well tonight, it takes time to get into a groove with different players every game, I wish I could have 6-7 of those goals back to make it a closer score 3. What positives can you take out of the season so far? The positive for myself is that I’m almost 50 years old that I can play atleast play almost 45 minutes of continuous hockey, the positives for the team is that they never quit no matter what the score is 4. What kind of potential do you think some of the viking players have going forward? The players have lots of potential they always play 120 percent every game, it just takes time and lots of practice 5. Do you hope to play fall or winter league? I hope to play in both of the leagues coming up , just have to see if any teams would be available that I could play on

Josh Clontz --------------- Hoping only the opponents will score goals on him next week:

1. Tough loss to the knights. What do you think went wrong in that 3rd period? The period started with 3 quick goals that totally changed the momentum of the game. It seemed like we could not get things working after that, there were penalties, bad bounces, and deflections to the back of our net. When you play a team as fast and skilled as the Knights you cannot give them any chances because they will capitalize on them. 2. You guys were up 6 to 3 after 2. Do you think you lost focus with the 3 goal lead? I don’t think we lost our focus as much as our legs. Just keeping up with the Knights can wear you out… they never stop, they don’t even slow down. 3. Was the team discouraged following the tough loss? I don’t think anyone was discouraged. It did not end how we wanted it to, but there is no reason to be discouraged. We will learn from it and move on as a better team. 4. Any positives to take out of it? I think the first two periods had a lot of good things happening from our end, we controlled the game and cycled really well as a team, we had a lot of good runs, and we did a great job of containing them. The third did not work so well, but to take a positive from that period, it has to be when Pat got is “hat trick”. He scored his third goal on me, but he still celebrated and we all laughed about it! It shows we are a team that has fun playing hockey even when things are going wrong. 5. 3 games left, 2 against bottom teams in the standings. What do you think the team needs to work on? I think we are playing good hockey. We just need to consistently play our game and we will be fine. Oh and scoring goals in the correct net will help.

Jake Kline ------------------ 7 goal 3rd period for Knights.

1. Big win against the renegades tonight. What can you say about the team effort? Both teams effort was great if you ask me. Hard fought game up and down most of the way thru but in the end our team effort was awesome 2. Down by 3 goals going into the 3rd. What was the strategy going into that 3rd period? Just keep shooting and crash the net but also to play smart and nothing let them get behind the D 3. The renegades beat you in overtime less than a month ago. How important did you think this game was going into it? This game was a very important game. We needed this win against them. The last time we played them we let our guard down going into the 2nd period since we had a 5-0 lead and then they came back and took it to overtime now got the win against us 4. Colonials and Yeti are left. What kind of games do you expect from those 2 teams? Yeti beat us last time but we played iron man without Kurt. That's a big hurt being iron man not also not have 1 of the top players on the team there But both the games against yeti an colonials I expect to also be up and down games 5. Have you enjoyed being a part of this knights team so far this season? I love being a knight. We are the young team in the xhl besides me and Todd being the old guys in the team haha. We are the young fast and talented team


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