• Summer Anderson

Todd Schickling ----- Go Knights!!

1. Nice win over the mayhem tonight and against the hooligans last week. How do you feel about this team right now? I feel real good about how the guys are playing right now. The two-way game we are playing right now is ideal and putting us in good position with the playoffs around the corner. 2. How impressed have you been with Andy and Kurt this season? It's like our own "Two Headed Monster" out there. One of them out there makes it tough, but truly miserable for the opposition when they are both out there at the same time. These guys can score from ANYWHERE! Front of the net, tough angles, and don't think you're safe when they are behind the net either. 3. On top of them, the team has good role players as well. Do you think the team has the right mix to make a good playoff run? I feel that we truly do have the right mix. We have a veteran defensive minded D-man with Jake, but don't lose sight of him as he makes smart choices when to fill an offensive spot if given the opportunity. Jadon moves the ball well vertically and if he can get his shot through the high slot or from the point it generates scoring chances for himself or leaves it in good spots for cleanup. Jordan has good patience at the point and makes smart outlet passes, but if it's not there has the intelligence to simply find the open man or just clear it out and not force something that may generate the scoring chances for the opposing team. Tate's skating ability allows him to be a tremendous force on both ends of the rink. He can find the open area and he back-checks very hard. 4. First season in the xhl. What's it been like so far? Honestly, this has been the most fun of any organized competitive sport I've ever played. Not only am I playing with a great group of guys, but I really enjoy the atmosphere and everyone that's involved in the league. I'm just honored that I was able to find a team that would take me on their roster at the end of the day. GO KNIGHTS! 5. Renegades are up again. What do you think the team needs to do different this time around to get a win? Well I think that first game we just let down a hair, maybe got a bit too comfortable with that early lead, and it only takes a crack for the Renegades to take advantage. They are talented top to bottom on that roster with strong goaltending. They are a top seed for a reason. Hunter and Lehman are strong at the point, Denny handles the ball very well, Matchock is a key role player that has good hockey sense, and topped off with good leadership with Spencer their "C", just to name a few. At the end of the day, we shouldn't change much, just need to play our game.


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