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Monday 6-11 game recaps/summaries

Yeti 12 Vikings 0

Referees: Cory Schuckers/Larry Kruckow

Scratches: Foradori, Newcomme

Goals – Fatula 5, Jacobson 3, Currin 1, P. Pompeii 1, S. Pompeii 1, Day 1

Goals – N/A

Assists – Currin 2, S. Pompeii 2, P. Pompeii 2, Jacobson 1, Mohney 1

Assists – N/A

Saves – Henry 29, McKinley 9

Yeti Spoil Dustin Henry’s Return

Ten seconds into the 1st game of the night, Dan Fatula welcomed Dustin Henry back to the league with a goal. Fatula would add 4 more goals on the night to help the Yeti clinch an early 3rd period mercy rule victory over the Vikings. Viking goalie Rich Wood informed team captain Mike Farcus that he would not be able to play, so the league contacted Dustin Henry to see if he could fill in. In sort of a surprise, Dustin Henry agreed to do so since he didn’t have to work until midnight. Henry could not remember when he last played, thinking it was at least 4 years, but he didn’t look too bad, making several nice saves, 29 in all to help keep the Vikings from being mercy ruled until 5 minutes into the 3rd period. The score was only 2-0 late in the first period before Mike Jacobson added back to back goals to make it 4-0 going into the 2nd. A mid second period flourish of 5 goals by the Yeti put the game well out of reach going into the 3rd period. Derik Day scored the 12th and final goal about 4 minutes into the 3rd to clinch the mercy rule win. Despite giving up 12 goals and seeing the Yeti have numerous 2 on 1 breakaways, Dustin Henry saw some future potential in a lot of the Viking players noting that a little more team chemistry, experience and some better team strategy could help the team get better going forward. It was the first game this season that the Vikings had a full bench, and only the 2nd time they took the game into the 3rd period, but once again, they were shutout. Adam McKinley made 9 saves on the night for the Yeti. The Yeti will look to keep their momentum going against the Hooligans next Monday night at 8, while the Vikings will hope for another full bench when they take on the Colonials at 6. Dustin Henry appeared interested in filling in more this season if the need arises. Chris Anchutz was supposed to make a return, but did not arrive at the rink until the 2nd intermission. By the time he had the skates on and ready to go, the game was clinched. Anschutz has expressed interest in filling in for any team as well if needed.

Hooligans 8 Renegades 7

Referees: Dave Glass/Adam McKinley

Scratches: Hunter, Cody Schuckers

Goals – Llewellyn 3, Cory Schuckers 2, Iseler 2, Kalgren 1

Goals – Stinchcomb 3, Lehman 1, Spencer 1, Rieder 1, Vollmer 1

Assists - Cory Schuckers 3, Llewellyn 2, Kruckow 1

Assists – Lehman 2, Spencer 1, Matchock 1, Stinchcomb 1

Saves – Nelson 28, Clontz 19

Hooligans hand Renegades 1st loss

The most anticipated game of the night had 2 important scratches (Cody Schuckers from the Hooligans and Pat Hunter from the Renegades), but for 45 minutes, the 2 teams gave spectators some entertaining hockey. The game featured several ties, lead changes and big goals, with the biggest goal coming from Steve Kalgren in the later stages of the 3rd period to give the Hooligans a 7-6 lead. Soon afterwards, Cory Schuckers added an important insurance goal to seal the win for the Hooligans. Denny Stinchcomb scored one of his 3 goals on the night to close the gap to 8-7, but there was only 1 second left on the clock. The Renegades impressive six game winning streak came to an end, while the Hooligans picked up their 5th straight win to improve the 6-1 on the season. Eric Llewellyn and Cory Schuckers led the way for the Hooligans, combining for 5 of the teams 8 goals, and also combined for 5 assists. Jason Iseler scored 2 big goals as well in amongst all the other big goals throughout the night. As noted above, Denny Stinchcomb had 3 goals for the Renegades, while Mike Lehman had a goal and 2 assists for the Renegades. James Nelson made 28 saves on the night, while Josh Clontz made 19 saves for the Renegades. The league has sent out a postgame interview to Hooligan team captain Steve Kalgren to see if he feels better about his team following the big 8-7 win last night. Following last week’s 6-4 win against the Mayhem, Kalgren expressed concerns of his team getting blown out by the Renegades if they didn’t play better. We will be anxious to see what his tone is this week in his interview. The road wont get any easier for either team, with the Hooligans taking on the Yeti next Monday at 8, followed by the Renegades taking on the Knights at 9. The impressive streak by the Renegades came to an end, but following the game, Josh Clontz said now is the time to hit some bumps in the road instead of in August.

Xtreme 10 Colonials 9 Shootout

Referees: Jason Iseler/Dave Glass

Scratches: Dave Jewell (Injury), Stitt, Keith

Goals – Bussard 3, Smith 3, Walter 1, Cebulskie 1, Zimmerman 1

Goals – Bob Anderson 4, Matchock 3, Amick 2

Assists – Joe Bussard 2, Smith 2, Cebulskie 1

Assists – McMinn 2, Brian Anderson 2, Bob Anderson 1, Amick 1

Saves – Herman 23, Lingenfelter 19

Colonials lose 5th one goal game of the season

How to follow up on a back and forth, hard fought Hooligan 8-7 win over a previously unbeaten team in the 7 p.m. game? How about a 19 goal, back and forth shootout game featuring a game with 3 of the league’s best players in Bob Anderson, Joe Bussard and Kevin Smith? Both the Xtreme and Colonials were coming off overtime losses last week, and once again, both teams found themselves in similar spots, only this time, they decided to take it one step farther with a shootout. Clint Lingenfelter shut the door on Luke McMinn and Bob Anderson in the shootout, while Joe Bussard and Kevin Smith were able to beat Tim Herman to help the Xtreme earn the all important extra point in the league standings. Kevin Smith and Joe Bussard would beat Tim Herman six more times throughout the night (3 each) to lead the way for the Xtreme, who found themselves up 4-1 going into the 2nd period. Like last week, the Colonials came all the way back from a 4-1 deficit, and found themselves up 5-4 following 2 goals from Bob Anderson along with a goal each from John Matchock and Jerred Amick. The Xtreme scored 3 unanswered goals to go up 7-5 (Smith-Bussard-Zimmerman) before the Colonials scored 3 unanswered goals of their own to go up 8-7 in the later stages of the 3rd period (Matchock, Amick, Bob Anderson). The Xtreme went ahead 9-8 following goals from Joe Bussard and Kevin Smith with around 3 minutes to go in the 3rd period. With under a minute to go in the 3rd period, Tim Herman left the net, John Matchock came on the floor as an extra attacker to score the game tying goal on a pass from Brian Anderson to tie the game at 9. Neither team would score in overtime, but as noted above, Kevin Smith and Joe Bussard scored shootout goals to clinch the win for the Xtreme. Clint Lingenfelter made 19 regulation saves, but his 2 biggest saves came in the shootout. Tim Herman made 23 saves on the night for the Colonials. Later arrival times due to work have limited Herman’s abilities to get loosened up in net before games, but the Colonials will hope for a better start next week against the Vikings. As stated in an interview from Fred Terwilliger last week, “being in it” is not a category in the standings, but the overtime/shootout points will at least help offset the 2 most recent one goal losses. Bob Anderson scored 4 goals on the night for the Colonials, while John Matchock added 3 goals of his own along with 2 goals and an assist from Jerred Amick. Luke McMinn and Brian Anderson each had 2 assists. On the other side, AJ Cebulskie contributed 2 imporant points for the Xtreme. Kevin Smith and Joe Bussard led the Xtreme scorers with 5 points each. The Xtreme will take on the Mayhem at 7 in a battle of 2 of the league’s rookie brothers in AJ and Nik Cebulskie.

Lazers 15 Mayhem 6

Referees: Bob Anderson/Dave Glass

Scratches: Miller

Goals – Gasbarre 7, Reiter 5, RJ 1, Benanti 1, Curtis Johnson 1

Goals – Waltman 3, Cebulskie 2, Bembenic 1

Assists - Gasbarre 3, Benanti 3, Reiter 3, Curtis Johnson 2, RJ 1

Assists – McGinnis 2

Saves – Dennison 14, Lee 13

Gasbarre/Reiter 18 combine for 18 points to lead Lazers to 15-6 win over Mayhem

The Lazers picked up their 2nd straight win with an impressive 15-6 showing over the Mayhem. They scored early and often, picking up 6 first period goals to go up 6-1 going into the 2nd period. The score was 10-2 entering the 3rd period before the two teams combined for 9 goals in the 3rd period to cap off the 21 combined goals in the game. On the night, Dakota Gasbarre scored 7 of the 21 total goals, while Brandon Reiter added 5. In only his 3rd game of the season, Tony Benanti added a goal and 3 assists. On the opposite side, the Mayhem never gave up and scored 4 goals in the 3rd period, 2 of them coming from Tyler Waltman. Waltman would finish with 3 goals on the night to lead the Mayhem. Nik Cebulskie chipped in 2 goals and Matt McGinnis had 2 assists. In a game that saw 21 goals, there was a goalie in each lineup. Neither was able to get into a good groove, seeing Jim Dennison make 14 saves for the Mayhem while Jeremy Lee made 13 saves for the Lazers. The Lazers are off next Monday night, while the Mayhem will take on the Xtreme Monday night at 7. The Lazers will look to build on these 2 wins to make a push for the 6th and final playoff spot going into the 2nd half of the season.


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