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Monday night ------ June 11th pregame interviews

Chris Anschutz -------------- Set to make a return to the court tonight:

1. You will be returning to the court tonight to fill in for the Vikings. Are you looking forward to stepping back on the court? ABSOLUTELY! I love playing. The older I've gotten, the more I've realized importance of just having fun playing the game I love. All of us are on the clock. One day we won't be able to do this anymore.

2. Got any realistic expectations? . No expectations... new team, faces I don't know, some I do. It'll be great to see Dustin again

3. The Vikings have had trouble getting players to show up all season, and have played with a variety of different lineups. The lineup appears full for tonight. Do you think having a full lineup can at least give the guys a chance to compete against one of the league’s better teams in the Yeti tonight? Having a full lineup, I feel always gives you a chance. Players are better rested. They won't make fatigued mental mistakes. Have a better chance in jumping on loose pucks and so on

4. Dustin Henry will be filling in goal for you guys and said he hasn’t played for many years now. How would you compare him to some of the other goalies that you have seen in the xhl over the years? When Dustin was playing regularly... he really was one of the best goalies out there. For a long time, regardless of the team in front of him

5. Your work schedule has kept you away from the league. Do you still try to follow it even when you cant play? Honestly, I haven't followed up much. I've played a bit in Brockway and talked with the guys there about the XHL to stay a little in the loop. And I do check up on Facebook from time to time.

Dustin Henry ------------------ Just don't get injured:

1. You will be making a return in net tonight for the Vikings. Are you excited, nervous, or a little bit of both? I’m pretty excited to play again. The nerves are there for sure, but once I get out there hopefully I can shake them

2. Got any realistic expectations for yourself tonight? I realistically don’t want to injure myself. I’ll give 100 percent of what I have though

3. You have been out of the league for a while now. Do you miss it? I do miss it, I’ve consider returns many times, however work has really put a hamper on that

4. Do you still try to follow the xhl and any chance you could be back on the court again after tonight? I try to keep up with it the best I can, mostly through the website and Facebook. You never know when I’ll be back, if I could make a full time go of it I would

5. How would you compare Reynoldsville hockey to the days of playing Brockway hockey? The outside environment,and the crowds we got at Brockway, made it a whole different experience. But the wide open play and less abuse on the equipment and reynoldsville made the move worth it to me.

Kevin Smith ------------ Getting smarter in his 30s:

1. Tough loss to the renegades tonight. What positives can you take out of the loss? definitely a tough loss, I felt we played a very solid game Clint came up a few big saves to keep us in it! I would say we played a very structured and disciplined game

2 . What kind of game did you expect going into it? to be honest I didn’t know what to expect, I did not see the Renegades play prior to our game. I had heard they were a solid team with some speed. Both proved to be true, they are a very solid team, a lot of fun to play against

3. No Dave Jewell. How do you think the team played despite his void? playing without Dave is tough, he does do much for a team that there is no way to make up for that. I felt like we played exactly how we needed to without Dave in the lineup, in OT they got a bounce that went their way sometimes that’s how it goes!

4. What can you say about Clints performance in net? Clint had an outstanding game, we gave up a few really good looks and he came through and gave us a chance to win

5. How are you feeling about your individual play now? I know that I am not the player I once was! I find myself playing a smarter brand of hockey in my 30’s. I feel confident right now because the group of guys I am fortunate enough to be playing with are a lot of fun to play with and when your having fun you seem to be more confident.


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