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Postgame Interviews (05/07)

Jason Iseler ------------- Body feels good despite chasing flies last night:

1. Tough 5 to 3 loss over the knights. What positives can you take out of the game? Yeah tough 1st game back . Well I think after being outshot badly we were in that game till the end and only lost by 2. James Played a great game and kept us in it . I think if we play a little better positionally and knock off the turnovers , we win that game

2. How do you think their goalie looked as well as your own ? Their goalie made saves when he had to . We really didn’t test him all that much tho

3. Only 3 goals. Did you think their speed was the difference in the game? YES , they’re an incredibly fast team with some unbelievable stuck handling skills . Felt like I was chasing flies all night . Kudos to the Knights , they played a great game

4. How did your body feel following the game? Body feels pretty good actually . I worked hard in the last 4 months so I was as ready as I could be . Helps a ton having a couple subs

5. Xtreme are next. What kind of game do you expect? Xtreme.. ugh , I expect another fast competitive game , Joe , Dave, Kevin & Chad all have great chemistry together . Plus you add in some of their younger talented guys , they have a really good team . We’re just looking to improve and build on last yesterdays game

Kurt Schindler ---------------Defense leads the way for the Knights in 5-3 win over Hooligans

1. Nice win over the hooligans tonight. What do you think the difference in the game was? . I thought our penalty kill looked really good other than giving up one goal late in the third. Andy scored a huge short-handed goal on a 4 on 2 that had a significant impact on the rest of the game. I don’t think there was a single difference but we were able to put it all together and come up with a hard fought win

2. Were you expecting to hold them to 3 goals? . I can’t say that we were expecting to hold them to only 3 goals. Doing that against a team with as much talent and scoring ability as they do is no easy task. We played great defense and Todd made a lot of key saves that made it so we were able to do that

3. How do you think Todd looked in net? . I can’t say enough about the way Todd has played in net for us. He plays his heart out every night and continually makes crucial saves and this game was no different.

4. You and Andy had all the goals, but how do you think the other guys looked? I think Andy and I know that we’re the ones that our team relies on to provide scoring. However, I think we had a lot of good chances last night and our defensive guys played really well. Tate looked good for having played his first game in a long time. We had a lot of good scoring chances from all throughout the lineup but it just so happened that Andy and I were able to find the back of the net tonight

5. Lazers are next. What kind of game are you expecting? The same type of game that our two teams have played the last couple of years. A fast paced and competitive game. The Lazers have a bit of a different look this year but they still hustle and work extremely hard. I’m looking forward to another competitive game with them

Denny Stinchcomb------------- Renegades improve to 3-0 on the season:

1. You guys are 3-0 on the season after last night’s win over the Vikings. How are you feeling about your team and the team chemistry? I'm feeling great about the team chemistry. We didn't have Pat last night but Ben is back in the line up and looked good. 2. The Vikings have a lot of different guys that haven’t played as a unit before. What words of encouragement can you give them going forward? Keep your head up. Keep your stick down. Don't play selfish. Pass the ball more 3. You guys picked up 2 one goal wins over the Colonials and Yeti to start the season. Was it nice having a game where you guys dominated from start to finish or do you like playing in those tight games better? Last night was fun, it was nice to see Ben back in the line up 4. Your team has impressed many in the xhl so far. Did you guys play as a unit before or are you all still learning each other’s playing habits? I've played with Ben, Rooster and Clontz on the Benders in Brockway. Joe and I are old SRHL rivals so it's fun uniting with someone you've been going head to head with the last 3 years. Pat, Lehman and Derrian are new to my game but are great teammates and gel well to our mix. 5. The Mayhem are another young team that you will be playing next week. How do you go into a game where you think you will be heavy favorites to win? I'm just looking forward to going up against Levi, I hope he's playing haha

Clint Lingenfelter ----- Xtreme take advantage of Yeti's absences:

1. Nice win over the yeti tonight. What did you think was the difference in the game? Them being shorthanded. Not having Derek, mike, or Jerrod really hurt them. 2. 3 games in. How do you think the team has looked so far? Great. Their playing a well rounded game in front of me. I think as long as I clean my self up a little We'll be fine. 3. Only 2 goals allowed. Are you happy with how you played individually? Ya it was alright. Neither goal should've went in but hey just correct problems and move onto the next save 4. You guys are getting contributions from the young guys. How do you think they have fit in so far? Fantastic. They get to the dirty areas and make the smart plays to our playmakers. Xtreme has a good season ahead! 5. Hooligans are next. What kind of game are you expecting? Fast, tight checking. Back and forth. Alot depends on who plays better defensively because both teams can fill the net

John Matchock: Couple big goals in Colonials 11-10 comeback victory over Lazers:

1. Wild 11 to 10 win tonight. Were you expecting the game to be this high scoring? No I wasn’t. I was expecting a 6-5 or 5-4 type game. 2. The team was down most of the game. What do you think went wrong those first 2 periods? We weren’t on the same page defensively. Luckily the offense started to click in the third period. We also played better defensively for most of the third. I think got a little lax at the end. 3. You scored some big goals in the win. How did you feel out there? Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. 4. Defense gave up a lot of goals. Should the team be concerned? I don’t think yet. Still plenty of time to fix things. Only played two games. See how things are after 5 games. 5. Yeti are next. What kind of game do you expect? I’m going to say a tight game but who knows. We have to play better defensively that is for sure.

Curtis Johnson----------------- 3 goal night not enough for Lazers:

1. Hard fought 11-10 loss last night to the Colonials, but you had 3 goals to give your team a chance to win. How do you feel playing for this team right now? I feel like everything is starting to click for our team. We all have good chemistry together 2. You had a pretty scary injury a few weeks ago. How are you feeling now? I’m feeling really good last week I wasn’t a 100% but I was tired of sitting around. But this week I have firing on all cylinders my ankle feels 100% better. 3. You guys saw a 7-4 lead disappear in the 3rd period. How discouraging was that and what do you think went wrong? We just couldn’t get back on defense that was our biggest disadvantage at the start of the 3rd. 4. The team hasn’t won yet, but has been competitive in every game. How do you feel about your teams chances going forward? We just need to get one win for us to get on a win streak. We’re about to put the league on notice 5. Knights are up next. What are you expecting from them? Fast paced game and a good defensive game


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