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Winter League Final ---- Interviews

Adam McKinley ------------ Another Championship to his resume:

1. Another championship on your resume. What can you say about the group of guys that surrounded you? Can't say enough about this group. They came out and played as a team all season and I mean that. Mid season we had a 3 game slump and we all played bad together and we gathered ourselves up and finished strong together. One of the best groups I've had the opportunity to play with over the years. Win or lose, this season was a ton of fun to play with! Without giving away too many secrets about these players, cause I'd like to draft them again. . . No, not giving any secrets. Everyone knew their role. It was a pleasure! 2. The team got hot at the right time. What do you think you guys did different these last 4 weeks? We realized what we needed to do and we made it happen. I think we all looked at each and without saying anything, it just clicked and each game our confidence grew. 3. Tonights game went back and forth. How enjoyable was it as a goalie to be a part of it? It was great! It showed the competitive nature of both. We were both there to win. At times, there had to be big saves and feel both Tim and I did that. It was fun to watch when the play was in their end and just as exciting when it was in ours. When watching plays develop, this best place on the court is in the goal. 4. You made a big save on Joe that couldve turned the game in their favor. How were you able to see the ball so quick? The start of the play happened very quickly and when the ball was dumped down to llewellyn and he was able to get the ball across to a wide open Joe. It seemed to be slow motion from there. I was on the post so Joe had an open net. I looked at his face and then the ball on his stick. It seemed like an eternity. I began sliding across and Joe took his shot and I was fortunate enough to get my glove there and snag the ball out of the air to make the save. 5. The league will have 9 teams this year with a good mix of talented teams. Do you think the league is heading in a good direction? Absolutely! More guys seem to be interested in playing and with fall and winter leagues becoming very balanced in the drafts, I think the xhl has a bright future ahead.

Dakota Gasbarre ----------- First Championship on his resume:

1. You have a championship on your resume. Hows it feel to be a part of a championship team? feels pretty good and sore haha. It was my first and I’m glad it was with this group. 2. What can you say about your experience of playing for these group of teammates? all of these guys and girl were incredible. This was literally a team effort. Just when we thought we were down someone stepped up. It was great to be apart of that. Adam was epic. 3. Did you think there was a play or sequence that put the game in your favor? in the final two minutes we clamped down hard. That’s when I felt like we were going to win it. 4. You went thru the top 2 seeds to earn this championship plus you had to beat pink in an elimination game. What do you think you guys did better in the playoffs than you did in the regular season? We just did a better job of regaining momentum when we fell behind. Everyone just kept stepping up. 5. Summer league is set to start in 2 weeks. You have lost a lot of talented players from a year ago. Do you guys think you can stay competitive this season after losing the guys that you lost? I’m very happy with the team we have this year. We will be competitive and I can’t wait to face off against Yeti.

Eric Llewellyn ------------- Deflating loss for team Black:

1. Hard fought loss tonight. What do you think went wrong for you guys in this series? we didnt win 2. You guys tied the game at 4 in the 3rd period but they scored soon after. How deflating was it? extremely 3. Team Red saved their best for the playoffs. What did you think they did differently against you in this series than you saw of them in the regular season? Adam 4. Despite the loss, what positives can you take out of this winter league season? My successful probation 5. The league is set to have 9 teams. What kind of a season are you expecting in general? A championship one


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