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Colonials/Hooligans Team Previews

For the 2nd straight year, the colonials will be defending their championship with a different roster. Gone are Phil Mace, Mark Pisarcik and Kevin Smith. They wont have to worry about facing Pisarcik or Mace, but their finals opponent from a year ago will have Kevin Smith on their side if both teams are able to meet again in late August. A lot will have to happen for the colonials to make that happen with teams like the Knights and Yeti improving their rosters and solid teams like the hooligans, lazers and renegades in the mix as well.

Team captain Bob Anderson wasnt real sure who to ask to fill the voids, but was able to pick up 2 solid smart players in Jerred Amick and Luke McMinn. Both their statuses for summer were in question until recently. Luke McMinn will be leaving the lazers after 2 solid playoff appearances. Jerred Amick has been a key player on the hooligans roster the last 3 seasons. For whatever reason he decided to switch from the Hooligans to the Colonials, the Colonials will be glad to have him on their side this season.

Returning are solid role players in Fred Terwilliger, John Matchock and Brian Anderson. None of them are flashy standout players, but they all play their roles very well. Returning in net will be Tim Herman. After a 2 year absence from the league, he stepped up last season to help play a big role in the teams championship. If work gets in the way, the team will have John Matchock to fall back on.

On paper, there looks to be better, deeper rosters out there, but one thing is certain; a team with Bob Anderson on the roster playing numerous minutes will have a good fighting chance.

A 3 peat will be tough with talent around the league growing, but the team will be looking forward to a fun summer of hockey. The team will open against the renegades on April 23rd.

There is probably no doubt in what team has the most to prove this season. Following a tough season last year that saw them miss the playoffs in the final game of the regular season, there was speculation the team may not come together this season or allowed back. After some discussion, the league agreed to let the team come back together on probationary terms. While Jerred Amick jumped to the Colonials, maybe because of the stricter conditions, the hooligans were able to pick up former Colonial Jason Iseler. In a recent interview, Iseler said he is looking forward to keeping the guys under control this season. If he isnt able too, they will turn to Troy Bell. The team has also picked up a solid future upcoming player in Larry K. The core of the team is still in place. Captain Steve Kalgren expressed burnout last season, but has a brighter outlook after being surrounded by good teammates in the offseason leagues. We all know what kind of players Cody Schuckers, Cory Schuckers and Eric Llewellyn are. Can the team bounce back after a tough season a year ago? Team chemistry lacked a year ago, but Eric Llewellyn thinks guys playing in their main positions more will eliminate the problems of last year. Unlike previous seasons, team expectations from a league standpoint may not be as high with other teams rosters continuing to improve, but this roster is too talented and too hockey oriented to struggle for another year. One player will certainly help if he can show up more. James Nelson. Work has gotten in the way, but maybe this season will be different?

This season will be their biggest challenge considering the loss of Jerred Amick, considering team probation and seeing talent spreading around them, but I am sure they will be ready for the challenge. The team will open against the lazers on April 30th.


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