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Winter League Rules

Rules Regarding Replacement Players, Reffing, and Forfeits:

  • If a team’s goalie is not present a replacement goalie may take his spot but the player must be agreed upon by the opposing team’s captain

  • If a team does not have enough skaters, they may replace one him if the opposing team’s captain agrees. The player should be near the playing level of a player on the team who is absent. The majority of team captains (at least 4 of 7) need to agree. This can only be done if a team is going to be shorthanded. If the team already has 4 skaters, they may not make a replacement.

  • If a team is short by more than one skater at the appointed start time, they may pick up players to play the game, but it will count as a forfeit. The opposing team will earn 2 points in the standings. The winning team will be awarded 1 “Goals For” in the standings and the losing team will be given 1 “Goals Against” in the standings.

  • If a team does not provide 2 referees and a scoreboard operator for an assigned game, they will forfeit 2 point in the standings. It will not affect their next regularly scheduled game.

  • If the team has 2 referees but no scoreboard operator, a volunteer to run the scoreboard can step in once during the season to assist that team without penalty. However, it is the responsibility of the team to find this volunteer.

  • This does not apply to referees though. They must come from the team of record or else 2 points will be deducted from said team in the standings.

Tie-Breaking System: If a tie should occur in the point totals for two or more teams in the standings at the end of the regular season, the playoff seeds shall be determined by following the subsequent tie-breaking formula:

  • 1) The team that has won their respective season series during the regular season will be awarded the higher seed. If that doesn’t apply then go to the next step.

  • 2) The team with the greater margin between ‘Goals For’ and ‘Goals Against’ will receive the higher seed. This shall be determined by taking the total goals scored by a team and subtracting it from the total goals given up during the season.

  • 3) If there is a tie for the margin, the team with the greater amount of ‘Goals For’ will get the higher seed.

  • 4) If a tie still exists between any of the 1-3 seeds a coin flip will determine the seeding.

  • Note: If the tie in the standings is for the 4th seed in the playoffs, a play-in game will take place.


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