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XHL Opening Night Stars

#1 Henry Sutter ---- Shutout win over the Walkers and he led the Mayhem to a 4-3 overtime win over the Colonials.

#2 Tyler Waltman --- Overtime game winner for the Mayhem over the Colonials.

#3 Brandon Reiter --- Several goals in the Knights 11-2 win over the Yeti.

Henry Sutter (Eagles plus Mayhem fill in goalie last night)

1. Eagles got off to a good start last night. What did you observe from them?  We started exactly how we wanted to with the guys who were there. They locked everything down in front of me, controlled the pace of play, and possessed the ball most of the game. I'm looking forward to seeing our game come together this season.


2. A shutout for yourself and your team. Was that one of your goals going into the game considering you guys were favored to win it?  We want to prioritize communication and spacing this season, and I feel we got started on the right foot. The Walkers played us tough all evening, so it was encouraging to see everything work so well.


3. The more exciting game may have been the Mayhem/Colonials game. What can you say about the Mayhem’s effort in the win?  . Walt, Peach, Tyler, Jay, and Vinnie gave me everything they had for all three periods and OT. Having once been part of the Mayhem, it was as good of a win as I can remember having with them. Both teams were exhausted, but they fought for me until the final whistle. It was a huge win to start their season.


4. Bob and Kevin were limited to 2 goals. How were you able to contain them as well as you and the rest of the team did? I emphasized keeping the offensive pressure out of high danger areas, and my defense did a great job of that. Brian got to his usual spot on my left for the first goal, but that was one of the few high-risk chances we gave up. Kevin and Bob both got me through screens up high. I wanted to see the shots and force shooters outside, and the Mayhem made it happen


 5. Do you think a game like that benefit yourself for some of these tough challenges the Eagles will face throughout the season?  That game will absolutely help me throughout the season, but I imagine the Colonials benefitted too. It's always nice to get an extra look at tendencies and schemes. I got to read their shooters, but they got another look at me. I'm hoping for some fun battles all year.

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