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Updated Point Totals/Zach Smith Interview

1. Slap Happy 12 (61/19)

2. Colonials 10 (53/25)

3. Narwals 6 (42/39)

4. Mayhem 4 (23/44)

5. Walkers 3 (22/62)

6. Mobb 2 (25/44)

Zach Smith (Mayhem)

1. 6 to 5 win. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I think it was good other than the first period. I have to give the other team credit in the first though, they were flying and winning most of the battles. I could tell as the game wore on that the pace slowed down on their end and we sustained our speed throughout the game. We do have really good speed on our team and I think that will help us stay in games with some of the top tier teams.

2. You guys battled back from an early 4 goal deficit. How were you able to climb all the way back? . I think our team started to feel each other out during the first. After we got comfortable with each other I think we started to click more on our passes which led to more offensive opportunities. The other team had chances at the end that they missed on so it really could of went either way when it was all said and done. If they score the next goal after they were up by 4 they might of ran away with it. It's funny how momentum swings in hockey.

3. What was your overall observation of some of the guys on the team and what kind of expectations do you have going forward? I think we have a good mix of speed and skill up front. Maybe our weakness going forward will be on the defensive side of the ball but we have a solid goalie to make up for some of those deficiencies. To be realistic we will win a couple more games but in order to beat the top teams we will have to almost play a perfect game and have some bounces go our way. I think we are up for the challenge though.

4. Did you feel like you were in pretty good hockey shape tonight? To be honest I wasn't happy with my game, I took a bad penalty and made a couple bad turnovers in the defensive end. I'm always striving to be better. I haven't played too much hockey since brockway so I do feel a little rusty I think my speed was still there but my hands need to catch up with my feet. The boys bailed me out a couple times for my lapses, but I think I'll catch up after a couple games.

5. From what you saw on the opposing side, what kind of game were you expecting going in and were you surprised to win? I thought they were going to be tough to score goals on. If we were going to win it was going to be a low scoring game. Surprisingly they had some defensive lapses and I believe most of our goals were scored on odd man rushes against them. If they get a better defensive structure I think they will be really hard to beat. I thought it would be close going into it. We really are pretty evenly matched on paper so it could go either way on any given night if we play them again.

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