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Steve Kalgren ----------- Narwals

1. 9-3 win over the Mobb last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? What else can I say but Larry K!

2. 2. The team started the season slow but appears to be playing better. Whats your overall observation of your team play this season? . We work best when everyone shows up, but, as I have heard mentioned before, it's a big boost just having L-bomb there for us.

3. Were you surprised to beat the Mobb as easily as you did? Yes

4. On paper, the Mobb look to be just as good as anyone, but they haven’t been able to find the win column for a while. What did you observe after playing them last night? Perhaps they are, but it does seem as though they may be missing that one guy that would really shore them up. Someone loud, that brings alot of energy to the team when players listen. Someone who has experience in these tough games and that knows the other teams to a T. Someone not afraid to stick his nose in the dirty spots, or even float a nice goal over the goalies left shoulder on a breakaway now and then.... all know who I'm talking about... ....yes, it seems to me they are missing a Larry K!

5. What expectations do you have for the Narwals for the rest of the season? Krukow for President 2024!

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