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Steve Hetrick/Kevin Smith/Laken Dodd Interviews

Steve Hetrick


1.You guys got a playoff win but also saw your season end on the same night. What was your mindset like following the evening of hockey?  We were all pretty excited after our win against the Jawas, but we were all pretty Winded as well when we faced the colonials... We wanted to get two wins tonight, but getting one was pretty awesome as well. I was proud of how the team played in both games.


 2. You guys picked up a 10-6 win over the Jawas. What can you say about your teams overall effort and performance in that game? We just kept at it and didn't give them as many opportunities as the game went on. Again, I think we all played well and have used what we have learned over the season to pull a W out of that game.


3. You guys had a big 2nd period against the Jawas. What do you think you guys did better in that 2nd period?  . I think we just needed to focus on making better plays and passes and taking more shots on net. We definitely connected more in the second period and having another offensive presence with Derrian skating out, gave us more time to make plays and to keep the ball in their zone longer.


 4. You hung tough for about half the game against the colonials before things got away. Did you think your team just ran out of energy considering it was the 2nd straight game? When we played the Jawas, they play a style very close to ours... Like a controlled chaos. You try to find a good position and hope the pass or shot is coming to make a good play. The colonials are a bit more organized and it showed when we got sloppy leaving the middle open to them. I know we got mercy ruled in the third, but the team played amazing hockey. We were down 4-0 and then went goal for goal with the colonials for the rest of the first period... I'm sure fatigue set in as the game went on. Mason did a fantastic job for us in net. I think my best part of that game was when Morgan got the ball and I hollered at her to shoot and she got a goal... Not taking anything away from the rest of the team playing their asses off all night, but that was one of my highlights.


5. How would you describe your teams season overall? I'm very proud of how we did this year. They guys and girl gave their all each and every week. Sure there were games when emotions ran high, but overall they all gave everything they had and left nothing in the tank. We started off the season getting our asses handed to us, but we didn't give up and kept moving forward. And progressed more and more as the season went on. Hoping this crew will be here again next year.



Kevin Smith


1. 2 games of hockey last night. Hows your body feeling today following 2 games and what can you say about your teams overall play last night? Yeah it was nice to play 2 games after not playing for awhile. Body feels good aside from a muscle in my ab that I pulled.


2. The Hounds gave you guys everything you could handle in that first game. What was your impression of some of their players after going up against them last night?  . They for sure did give us all we could handle. I felt like we played a good game we just couldn’t bury some of our chances. On their side they played a really good game, passed well, defensively they were in good position all game. They made it tough. It’s nice to see some of the younger teams develop the way they did from the beginning of the season.


 3. The walkers normally play the colonials pretty tough but they may have been worn down from their first game. Do you think you guys having a break in between games was an advantage going into the game? . It was definitely an advantage having a break. They had to play back to back and that’s always tough.


4. Mayhem next week. What was your impression of them after reffing their game against the Eagles last night?  They are a scrappy team and can definitely hang with the top teams if they play a team game the way they did last night. They dug a bit of a hole before they got it going which ultimately did them in.


 5. Its been a little bit of a strange season for the Colonials. Is that how you would describe it?  LOL yes strange for sure. It seems like we didn’t play any games with our full roster so it was hard to get much chemistry going. Now with Phil out it’s going to be tough to make a deep run but if we play a solid defensive game I think we can hang with anyone!



Laken Dodd


1. 10-6 loss to the Walkers last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? Everyone tried the best they could.


2. Your team had a bad 2nd period. What do you think went wrong? I’m honestly not sure,I think we all just kinda gave up at that point.


3. This team was put together a day before the regular season started. What was it like playing on this team? We had to figure each other out but once we did everything was alright.


4. You were on last week’s winning tournament team. What was it like playing alongside Andy and some of the other guys on that team? It was definitely fun playing with them, we all passed pretty well and worked as a team.


5. You are one of the youngest players in the league with a bright hockey future ahead of you. Do you hope maybe one of the more established teams will look into picking you up on their team in the future or do you think its less pressure playing on teams that are not expected to win a championship?   Yeah I’m hoping that but as long as I get to play idc what team I am on.



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