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Right Place at the Right Time

Dave Jewell (Slap Happy)

1. 9-8 win over the Colonials last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? The guys always play as hard as they can thats part of what makes it fun not giving up till the games over

2. You had to play catch up most of the game. Was it discouraging to tie it up at 7 and then seeing them go up 8-7 just seconds after you tied it up? Alittle bit but you just have to keep pushing till the end

3. You scored the tying goal with 10 seconds to go. How were you able to get in that good of a position by the net? To be honest I am not sure how I got there or why i was there cause that is not a place i am normal at but i guess just right place right time

4. You guys had no answer for Kevin last night. Did you try anything different against him after he scored all those goals in the first period? Not alot you can do just try to limit his chances i spent many years watching him do that to people but then you have bob feeding him the ball at the right time it give him alittle more space and time

5. Most expected a close game last night but not many would have predicted 17 goals to be scored. Were you surprised to see that many goals put up? Both teams have the potential to put up alot of goals but also have good goalies a hot goalie could have easily stole the game for either team

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