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Regular Season of Winter League Concludes

Final Regular Season Standings

Automatic best of 3 series spots

1. Blue 14 (61/33)

2. Gold 12 (54/46)

3. Pink 12 (71/49)

4th place Tournament spots

4. Black 7 (49/55)

5. Green 7 (50/76)

6. Red 5 (40/45)

7. Gray 5 (44/66)

Black 6 Green 5 (Shootout)

(Didn’t see too much of this game)

With an odd number of teams playing in this league, one of them was going to be stuck getting 2 bye weeks and a double header at some point in the regular season. The double header came last night for team Black. For the 2nd time this season, team Green and team Black had to play past regulation, only this time, team Black came out on top. Evan Novella and Cody Haag each scored in the shootout to help give team Black the extra point in the standings. The extra point helped them leapfrog team Green for 4th place. With team Black up 4-3, Eric Llewellyn scored to tie the game at 4 with under 5 minutes to play. Green would eventually go up 5-4 before Black tied it at 5. Green found themselves on a power play in overtime but failed on a couple opportunities to go ahead. Clint once again stood tall in net for Team Black, both at the end of regulation and in the shootout. Denny Stinchcomb had a chance to put Green ahead close to the end of regulation, but came up empty. Black actually got called for another penalty during Green’s power play in overtime but there was only 4 seconds left when the penalty was called. It could have put Green at a 2 man advantage if there would have been a little more time left. No one scored against Clint in the shootout. Green was in a slump in the middle of the season but appear to be playing much better going into the 4th place tournament. Kaden Coulter made some good saves for Team Green last night including denying team Black on a couple good shots they had in overtime. Team Green will play Team Red at 715 next week. Team Black will play Team Gray at 615.

Gold 7 Red 6

In terms of standings, the game was pretty meaningless for both teams, but following losses to team Black and Team Blue, it almost felt like an important game for team Gold. Team Gold got a boost when Zach Smith informed the team that he was planning on playing last night following some doubts on being able to play. He scored the first goal last night and the last goal, which came after Red had tied the game at 6 in the later stages of the 3rd period. Bob Anderson found Zach Smith for the go ahead goal with around 2 minutes to go and team Gold was able to hold on for the win. It was the 2nd time these 2 teams have played this season and the 2nd time that the game was decided by a goal. Gold had to work hard just to score 3 goals the last time they played, which went to a shootout. Fred Terwilliger scored on a nice slap shot from close to midcourt to put Gold ahead 3-1 in the 2nd period. Gold would go up 5-2 following a behind the net pass from Brian Anderson to Bob Anderson. The pass was a little bit off target but Bob Anderson was able to back hand the pass past Henry Sutter. Red had answers and good balance last night. Laken Dodd scored their first goal last night, followed by Jerred Amick a little later to close the gap to 3-2. Brian Pangallo chipped in a goal to close to within 5-3 and Alex Waddell got them to within 5-4. Jordan Tosh would add a couple goals, including the tying goal in the 3rd period with around 6 minutes to go. The game remained tied until Zach Smith put Gold ahead 7-6 which ended up being the final score. Jeff Wehner chipped in a goal for Gold in the 3rd period as well. Team Gold will go up against team Pink in a best of 3 series. Team Red will need to win twice to get that final playoff spot. Team Blue will await the team that gets that 4th spot. While there were 13 goals scored in this game, both goalies made some really good saves throughout the game to keep their respective teams in the game.

Blue 9 Black 2

This was actually a better game than the final score indicated. Team Black may have run out of energy following a shootout win in their first game last night.

Team Blue needed at least a regulation tie to claim the number 1 seed last night. For only the 2nd time this season, they didn’t need Tyler Waltman to fill in for them. Phil Pompeii, Vinnie Deloia and Ben Rossi were all present following some missed time. All 3 continue to play well and are fitting in nice with the rest of the team. Ben Rossi scored a couple goals early in the contest. Jake Kline scored a couple goals for team black, including one in the 2nd period to draw them to within a goal at 3-2. The game would remain 3-2 up until roughly the 4 minute mark of the 2nd period. Clint had been making a lot of good saves again for Black, but him and the rest of the team may have run out of energy. Vinnie Deloia put Blue ahead 4-2 and Dan Fatula scored less than a minute later to make it 5-2. The lead would grow to 6-2 going into the 3rd period and would eventually end up 9-2. The win gave team Blue the top overall seed. There is a chance these two teams could meet again if Team Black can capture that 4th playoff spot. Blue was playing without Tim Herman. Adam McKinley subbed in.

Pink 7 Gray 2

Following Blue’s 9-2 win over team Black, this game became meaningless for both team Pink and Team Gray. If Blue had lost in regulation, there would have been a chance for Pink to take over the top spot. This game became a scrimmage. Team Pink was missing Austin Boyd, Steve Capetta, Joe Roush, Brice Miller and Matt Cole. They played ironman with Laken Dodd filling in for them. There weren’t many options to choose from as most of the players had left following the 8 p.m. game, but they could not have asked for a better fill in. Dodd scored 4 goals in her fill in role last night. Team Gray was missing their starting goalie Dean Risser and were also without Rooster. Steve Kalgren made a rare appearance for team Gray and scored one of their 2 goals. Dan Fatula filled in (Kevin and Rooster’s spot) stating that he owed Gray’s team captain Tyler Waltman a favor following all the games that Waltman has filled in for Dan’s team. Henry Sutter filled in for Dean Risser.

This game was scoreless late in the first period before Zach Foradori scored on a nice slap shot to give Pink a 1-0 lead going into the 2nd period. Pink slowly pulled away as the game went on thanks to Laken Dodd’s 4 goals. Andy Calvert chipped in a couple goals as well. While Laken had 4 goals, Tony Dodd had perhaps his best night as a goalie since he started playing last summer. He had Dan Fatula’s number all night, along with all the other guys playing for team Gray last night. With just over 2 minutes to go, Fatula finally got one by Tony Dodd to break his shut out. Steve Kalgren scored with under a minute to go to make the final score 7-2.

Gray was dealt a tough hand all season when Waltman drafted Kevin Smith with the 2nd overall pick. Rooster missed some games as well. They picked up Steve Kalgren to help fill some of the void but he was only able to make 3 games in the regular season. Jerred Amick, Andy Calvert and Dan Fatula did some filling in to try to help offset some of the voids they had this season. The captains can all get together before the playoffs start to see who Gray can pick up next week. Gray plays Black at 615. Pink will be playing a best of 3 series against Team Gold. Austin Boyd has only made 3 games and Steve Capetta has only made 2 games.

Monday, April 11th Agenda:

615 p.m. Team Gray vs Team Black

715 p.m. Team Green vs Team Red

Final Game of the night will be the 615 p.m. game winner taking on the 715 p.m. game winner 20 minutes to a half hour following the game at 715 p.m.

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