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Playoff Schedule

Monday, April 3rd

Slap Happy (4) vs Eagles (1) at 620

Colonials (3) vs Knights (2) at 720

Slap Happy (4) vs Eagles (1) at 820

Thursday, April 6th

Mini Ironman draft tournament starting around 5:30 for anyone who is interested in playing.

Monday, April 10th

Colonials (3) vs Knights (2) at 620

Slap Happy (4) vs Eagles (1) at 720 if necessary

Colonials (3) vs Knights (2) at 820 if necessary

** Monday, April 10th's schedule is subject to change depending on how each series goes.**

Monday, April 17th

Championship game 1 at 630

Championship game 2 at 8

Monday, April 24th

Championship game 3 if necessary at 7

Please Note: Before the games start up on Monday, April 3rd, Each team will need to designate 2 guys who can be available to ref on April 3rd, April 10th and April 17th. We have run into issues in the championship where no one is available to ref.

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