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Phil Pompeii ----------- Team Blue

1. Back on the floor tonight. How did you feel following the game? I didn’t feel to bad, very slow at times and my hamstring didn’t give out so that’s a plus. Just gonna ease back into it week by week. But was nice to finally get back to playing after 5 months off

2. What can you say about the overall team effort? Everyone played great once we get some people back into the lineup and get a few games together I think we will do really well.

3. You will probably get plenty of playing time on this team. Do you like the idea of a bigger role and more playing time? I’ll at least be back into shape by the end of the season. But it don’t matter what role I play whatever the team wants me to do ill do.

4. The game was neck and neck. What do you think made the difference? Our defense kinda collapsed in the last 5 min of the game but we tighten up and help it to OT/SO and Dan and dave were able to put it away

5. This team does have some solid players. What kind of expectations do you have going forward? Once we get everyone there and a game or 2 playing together I think we will have a very well balanced team. Should be a good season of hockey Enter

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