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October 9th Results/Updated Standings

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Team Gray

Larry, Llewellyn, Lyons, Matchock, Pompeii S, Stamler, Stitt, Snyder (G)

Team Black

Amick, Clontz, Galentine, Rossi, Roush, Waddell, Dodd (G)

Team Green

Cody (Reiter will play as much as he can when Cody can’t play), Conforto, Gaydosh, Kline J, Miller, A. Schuckers, Matchock (G)

Team Orange

Chesley M, Dodd E, Kalgren, Kline N, Reed, Smith Z, Mckinley (G)

Team White

Anderson, Anderson, Haag, Peach, Schuckers Cory, Terwilliger, Lingenfelter (G)

Team Red

Bembenic, Calvert, Dodd L, Hetrick, Sawey, Waltman, Sutter (G)

Monday, October 2nd Results

Red 10 Green 9 Overtime (Missing --- Bembenic, Sawey, Sutter)

Black 10 Gray 7 (Missing --- Clontz, Galentine, Rossi, Llewellyn, Matchock)

Orange 6 White 2 (Missing --- Kalgren, Cory Schuckers)

Standings After October 9th Games

1. Red 4 (23/11)

2. Green 3 (18/17)

3. Orange 2 (13/11)

4. Black 2 (17/15)

5. White 2 (10/13)

6. Gray 0 (9/23)

Monday, October 9th Results

White 8 Black 7 (Missing Cory Schuckers, Tony Dodd, Josh Clontz)

Green 9 Orange 7 (Missing Steve Kalgren)

Red 13 Gray 2 (Missing Llewellyn, Chris Snyder)

White 8 Black 7

For the 2nd week in a row, the opening game turned out to be the most entertaining. We still have lots of season left, but it may be tough to top this game. Tony Dodd was not able to make it last night which meant Team White had to face Adam McKinley for a 2nd straight week. Team White was missing Cory Schuckers again but Denny Stinchcomb expressed interest in joining or filling in for a team if an opening presented itself. He added some much needed speed and gave the team an offensive boost after being held to 2 goals last week. The game was back and forth the whole way. Fred Terwilliger, always known for one of the league’s better and most disciplined defensive players, scored the first goal of the night about 5 minutes into the first period to give team White a 1-0 advantage. Ben Rossi was unable to play last week but made his presence felt for team Black last night by scoring the first goal of the night for his team. He would add some more as the game went on. Team Black went up 2-1 later in the first period before Denny Stinchcomb scored to tie the game at 2 at the end of the first period. The game would remain tied for a while before Bob Anderson set Brian Anderson up for a goal midway thru the 2nd period. Denny Stinchcomb would score again to put Team White up 4-2 before Team Black answered with 3 goals to go up 5-4 at the end of two periods. Jerred Amick and Alex Waddell contributed goals in that stretch. It was a wild 3rd period. Brian Anderson found Denny Stinchcomb open in front of the net to tie the game at 5. The game would go back and forth the whole 3rd period. Bob Anderson and Nate Galentine scored goals in the 3rd period. Galentine’s goal tied the game at 7 with less than 2 minutes left. With under a minute left, Denny Stinchcomb set Brian Anderson up in front of the net to put White ahead 8-7. Believe it or not, the lead held up despite some good opportunities at the end for Team Black. Each team is 1 and 1 on the season. Nate Galentine also missed last week but contributed a couple goals last night.

Green 9 Orange 7 (Did not get to watch too much of this game)

Team Green played from behind pretty much the whole game last week but made sure the margin of deficit didn’t get as bad last night. Both teams exchanged goal for goal for most of the game last night. Midway thru the first period, Zach Smith made a nice pass to Mark Chesley to tie the game at 2. Cody Schuckers would score a couple goals for team Green in the first period to put them up 4-3 at the end of the period. Zach Smith scored back to back goals on Derrian to start the 2nd period to give Orange a 5-4 lead but Cody Schuckers scored from on his back in front of the net to put Green up 6-5 late in the 2nd period. Team Green would hang on for a 9-7 win (sorry for not having more details) to pick up its first win of the season. They lost against Andy Calvert and Team Red in overtime last week after making a comeback to force overtime. Brandon Reiter is going to try to play next week in Cody’s place. Steve Kalgren is healing from an injury but hopes to be present for Team Orange next week. This was Adam McKinley’s 2nd game of a back to back last night as he was filling in for Tony Dodd.

Red 13 Gray 2

Both these teams were missing some guys last week, but most of them were present last night. In what looked like a good matchup, it turned out to be a tough night for team Gray. Their regular goalie Chris Snyder was unable to make it and had to rely on Derrian Matchock to play a 2nd consecutive game after playing in a highly contested first game. Team Red had Henry, Trent and Jeremy Sawey in their lineup last night and all seemed to make the team that much better. Its only 2 weeks in, but they look like an early season favorite after starting the season with consecutive wins. Andy Calvert continues to lead the way offensively. The team got off to a 7-0 lead at the end of the first period. Its no wonder Andy wants the XHL to bring stats back this upcoming season. If stats were being kept for this league, he would be right at the top. Jeremy Sawey made a nice goal in the 2nd period even though the game was pretty much over by then. Team Gray had John Matchock in their lineup last night but they are still missing their offensive playmaker Eric Llewellyn. Jerred Amick filled in for him last night but playing 2 games in one night may have taken away some of his energy in trying to keep up with the speedy red team. The teams appear to be in opposite directions right now but its not how you start, its how you finish. The team that won last year’s fall league started the season out 1 and 4 last year. Team Gray will hope for a spark offensively when Eric Llewellyn returns. Not only is team Red fast, but they have Henry Sutter in net. It looks like a team will have to be at its best to have a chance to beat this team. See below for some post game interviews: (They will be posted as people respond)

Bob Anderson (White)

  1. Wild 8-7 win over team Black last night. How would you describe the game overall?

It felt like a game that would come down to the last minute, and sure enough, it did. Both teams were pretty evenly matched, and with Adam and Clint both manning the pipes, it wasn't going to be a game where you could get by on cheap goals. Everything was earned and team Black battled to the last second.

2. No Cory again last night. How did you like having Denny as Cory's replacement last night?

I haven't had a chance to play with Denny in any league to my knowledge. I've obviously played against him many times so I'm familiar with his game, but it was fun to be his teammates this time around. He certainly brings a different style to our team than what Cory would. Denny is more of an offensive force and relies on his speed to generate chances and open things up for teammates. I was content to let him do most of that throughout the night and hang back more to help the defense. When Cory comes, I'll probably play up a little bit more. Either is fine with me.

3. You were on some of Clint's draft league teams in his early years of hockey. How would you describe his progression from the early years to the goalie he is now?

It's been a long time since we've been together in a league. Since that time, Clint has become a top tier goalie. I know I haven't had a lot of luck shooting against him so it's been nice to be his teammate in this season. I like his passion and knowledge for the game and it's nice to not get crosschecked while battling in front of him now haha.

4. What was your impression of team Black last night?

I think all the captains did a good job picking their teams and Waddell's is another solid one. They have a really balanced team. They can all skate well, they are scrappy, and anybody can score. They also had a short bench last night, which in some ways, can be a good thing as it allows you to get in, and stay in, a rhythm. One sub is perfect in my opinion.

5. It's normally yourself making those game winning passes, but it was Denny making the game winning one last night. What did you see on that play as you were trying to hang back on defense?

What I saw was a 2 on 1 with Denny carrying the ball on the left side and Brian on the right side with about 45 seconds left in a tied game. I'm guessing Adam and the defender (can't remember who it was) were both thinking Denny was going to shoot but he delivered a saucer pass instead. The ball didn't quite hit the ground yet and Brian hit it out of the air and into the net. It was a bang-bang play so there was no time for Adam to get across. It was a great play by both guys and a tremendous response after we surrendered the lead a minute earlier. Clint made some big stops in the waning seconds of the game and we got our first win.

Alex Waddell (Black)

1. 8-7 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort last night? We did ok but were lacking on defense a few times. I thought we contained Bob and Denny but that opened up room for the others to score.

2. This game went back and forth the whole way. Do you like playing in those kind of games? I’d prefer to play in a close game like that. Everyone has to play at their best.

3. Nate and Ben Rossi were there last night. How do you think they looked in their first game on this team last night? Both of them did what they were supposed to do. I’m glad we had more of our normal team so we could start working on some chemistry.

4. Denny set Brian up for the game winning goal last night. How discouraging was it to tie the game only to see it slip away in the final minute? Once that goal happened it was pretty much over. We had a couple decent looks in the last few seconds but weren’t able to pull it off.

5. You reffed the orange/green game last night. What was your impression of both those teams? All the teams seem to be pretty even so far. Should be a good season I’m not sure who I would pick to win right now.

John Matchock (Gray)

1. You were back on the court last night. Despite the lopsided loss, how nice was it to be back on the court? Ive been playing in Johnstown on Sundays but it was nice seeing everyone again. Been awhile. Plus I enjoying playing at the rollerdrome. Just nice to be back and seeing those familiar faces.

2. Are there any positives to take out of a game like that? We didn't get shut We have some work to do. Get everyone there so we can get used to playing with everyone.

3. What was your impression of the other team? They were quick. We were just a bit slow and our passes weren't connecting smoothly.

4. Derrian was playing in his 2nd straight game. Did you talk to him at all after the game at all or were you kind of afraid too? I talked him during and after. We let him out to dry on a lot of those goals. Not much he could have done differently. We just have to figure out each persons role on the team

5. The game was tough obviously, but something much better was in your presence last night. What was it like having people call you “Grandpa” as you were holding your granddaughter last night? I havent gotten to see her as much as I like. So I checked with Derrian on his game time and I made sure I showed up early to Karsyn. Makes me feel old but a good old. Hard to stop smiling when I was holding her. She was fussing at first but I let her watch the game and she was quiet. She is learning the game

Zach Smith (Orange)

1. 9-7 loss to team Green last night. How would you describe the overall team effort? I thought it was alright. We needed to play better on our back end and have better outlet passes, but a lot of credit needs to go to the green team. They didn't give us many options and were stout defensively.

2. You guys beat team White 6-2 last week but fell short last night. How would you compare your game last week to the game you guys played last night and how do you compare playing against Bob to playing against Cody? For starters, they are two completely different types of players. Cody stays back more but can rip shots from afar and score from anywhere. Bob can play anywhere and is more of a distributor. They both are tough to play against and are two of the best players in the league. That can be said with certainty.

3. The game went back and forth last night but they seemed to gain momentum as the game went on. What do you think went wrong at the end? We didn't seem to have the hustle that we had the week before. I personally had a couple of bad turnovers. I would blame myself for not being more responsible with the ball.

4. What positives can you take out of the game? I think we hung in for most of the game. If a couple of bounces went our way, we end up winning the game. We need to clean up our defensive play, and our offense will come naturally with our transition game. I don't think we got outplayed entirely, but we know next time we need to put more effort into backchecking and positioning.

5. You reffed the late game last night. After watching Andy, Henry and some of those young guys last night, do you think they may be the team to beat or do you think the team they played just had a really off night? I think that any team that has Andy and Henry on the same team is the team to beat. Andy is a magician with the ball and has a sneaky good shot, and Henry is one of the best goalies in the league. I wouldn't be surprised if they win it all and do so in a convincing fashion. Sometimes, you have to hang your hat to the opposition, and I think that's what the other team had to do last night.

Cody Schuckers (Green)

1.9-7 win over Team Orange last night. What would you say about the overall team effort last night?

I was pretty happy with a lot of what we were able to do definitely have some things to work on to fine tune things but if we can get more consistent with good habits and tendencies I think we’ll be able to spread that score out more

2. How would you compare the way team played last night versus the way the team played last week?

Honestly I don’t think the two games are that far off in how we played again I think we just need to do more fundamental thinks the whole game and we’d be in a better position by the end

3. You got a big dose of playing against Andy last week and Zach Smith last night. How do you compare the two?

Both players are skilled on their own way offensively for sure and can drive a team Andy is quick and agile and crafty Zach is a fast powerful player

4. Your guys were able to gain a little seperation in the 3rd period last night. What do you think you guys did better as the game went on?

I’d like to say we just kept it simple in their end we got a couple lucky bounces which always helps

5.You have been teammates with your brother before, but probably none of the other guys. What kind of expectations do you see for this team going forward?

I think once we fine tune some things we’ll be able to beat any team we got all the pieces for sure just a matter of getting some chemistry down and playing to everyone’s strengths

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