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October 30th Results

Team Gray

Larry, Llewellyn, Lyons, Matchock, Pompeii S, Stamler, Stitt, Snyder (G)

Team Black

Amick, Clontz, Galentine, Rossi, Roush, Waddell, Dodd (G)

Team Green

Cody (Reiter will play as much as he can when Cody can’t play), Conforto, Gaydosh, Kline J, Miller, A. Schuckers, Matchock (G)

Team Orange

Chesley M, Dodd E, Kalgren, Kline N, Reed, Smith Z, Mckinley (G)

Team White

Anderson, Anderson, Haag, Peach, Schuckers Cory, Terwilliger, Lingenfelter (G)

Team Red

Bembenic, Calvert, Dodd L, Hetrick, Sawey, Waltman, Sutter (G)

Monday, October 2nd Results

Red 10 Green 9 Overtime (Missing --- Bembenic, Sawey, Sutter)

Black 10 Gray 7 (Missing --- Clontz, Galentine, Rossi, Llewellyn, Matchock)

Orange 6 White 2 (Missing --- Kalgren, Cory Schuckers)

Monday, October 9th Results

White 8 Black 7 (Missing Cory Schuckers, Tony Dodd, Josh Clontz)

Green 9 Orange 7 (Missing Steve Kalgren)

Red 13 Gray 2 (Missing Llewellyn, Chris Snyder)

Monday, October 16th Results

Red 4 Orange 3 (Missing Bembenic, Sawey)

White 7 Gray 6 OT (Denny played for Cory, Pompeii, Lyons)

Green 9 Black 4 (Reiter played for Cody)

Monday, October 23rd Results

Red 6 Black 5 (OT)

Green 7 White 4 (Amick played for Cory)

Orange 10 Gray 8 (Larry, Pompeii and Stamler were missing for Gray. Amick and Miller filled in)

Monday, October 30th Results

Green 12 Gray 7 (Missing Llewellyn, Lyons, Stamler, Pompeii. Amick and Noah filled in for Gray)

Orange 11 Black 5 (Missing Rossi)

White 6 Red 5 (Missing Cory, Peach, Sawey. Jake filled in for Cory)

Standings After October 30th Games

1. Green 9 (46/32)

2. Red 8 (38/25)

3. Orange 6 (37/28)

4. White 6 (27/32)

5. Black 3 (31/41)

6. Gray 1 (30/52)

Green 12 Gray 7 (Did not see any of this game)

Team Green moved into first place following their 12-7 win over Gray last night. Green goalie Derrian Matchock reported that his Dad did not score on him in that game. Team Gray was missing Steve Pompeii, Jason Stamler, Eric Llewellyn and Morgan Lyons. Jerred Amick and Noah Kline filled in. This game featured another father/son matchup with Noah playing for Gray and Jake playing for Green. The game was tight until the 2nd period. Cody Schuckers had a couple impressive slap shots go in and team Green started gaining some seperation.

Orange 11 Black 5 (Only saw the last part of this game)

Orange picked up its 3rd win of the season with an 11-5 win over Black last night. Team Black closed to within 8-4 in the 3rd period but Orange pulled away soon after Black closed to within 4 goals. Team Black was playing without Ben Rossi. There is rumor that Adam McKinley is trying to pick up his current fall league teammate Zach Smith for the upcoming XHL Season.

White 6 Red 5 (Got to see this game)

Team White handed team Red its first loss last night. Jake Kline filled in for Cory and contributed the first goal for white and provided the team with some much needed energy. Andy Calvert scored just seconds following the opening faceoff and Tyler Waltman scored soon after to put Red up 2-0. Waltman would go on to score 3 goals for Team Red while Andy had the other 2. White closed to within a goal when Jake scored with around 5 minutes to go in the first. Cody Haag went coast to coast to beat Red goalie Henry Sutter to even the score at 2 going into the 2nd period. White went ahead in the 2nd period when Bob Anderson set up Brian Anderson in front of the net to put White up 3-2. Following a Tyler Waltman goal for Red, team White scored 2 unanswered when Bob Anderson set up Cody Haag. Soon after, Fred Terwilliger set Bob Anderson up for a goal to put White up 5-3 before Tyler Waltman and Andy Calvert answered to tie the game at 5 in the 3rd period. With roughly 4 minutes left in the 3rd, Fred Terwilliger had the ball find his way on the offensive end and he was able to sneak a shot by Red goalie Henry Sutter to put White ahead 6-5. The lead would hold up handing Red its first loss of the season. Denny Stinchcomb will be joining White for the rest of the season to replace Cory. Clint and Henry looked good in net for their respective teams last night. Both probably wish they had a few back, but both teams had some good opportunities to score throughout the game.

Derrian Matchock (Green)

1. 12-7 win over team Gray last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? team effort was good. Everyone played well. I was playing with a cold so I could’ve been better but we got the win and that’s all that matters.

2. This team has a pretty good mix of people. How do you think team chemistry has looked so far? chemistry has looked better than what I had expected actually. It seems to me that everyone plays well with whoever they are paired with.

3. You have scored on your dad before. What was it like trying to defend him last night? it’s a little easier knowing that 90% of the shots he takes he’s not going to hit the net.

4. You guys pulled away in the 2nd period. What do you think your team did better as the game went on? we got more opportunities for shots and I think we capitalized on our shots when we were able to.

5. Whats it been like transitioning from a productive skater to now being in the net? I like playing in net a lot more. I’ve been almost full time goalie now for about 2-3 years and it just the mind game of knowing you could either win a game or lose a game for your team

Joe Roush (Black)

1. 11-5 loss to team Orange last night. What can you say about the overall team effort ? I didn't think the effort was particularly good. I didn't feel good about how I played. As a group, it's probably our worst so far.

2. Your team doesn’t really have a weak spot, but some say it doesn’t have that person that can take games over. How do you think the team has mixed in together so far? I feel everyone knows what their role is and mostly sticks to it

3. What positives can you take out of the game last night? . As I mentioned in the first question, I think it was a pretty poor performance overall. Hopefully, we can play better next week.

4. Team Orange is pretty solid all around with Zach and Adam leading the way. What was your impression of them compared to some of the other teams you have seen so far? Amick and I jokingly said about their team being annoying. And once Steve showed up (late, of course), it got worse. They moved fast and swarmed us like bees anytime we had the ball.

5. You are getting to ref a lot of games, including some close ones like last night. Were you a little surprised to see Red lose considering they were undefeated going in? I wasn't surprised to see them lose. I thought it was gonna be a good game and definitely the best of the night, considering the other two were decisive blowouts. It was a close contest throughout and came down to the final buzzer.

Fred Terwilliger (White)

1. 6 to 5 win over Red last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I think the team may be starting to click a little. These draft leagues that put players who aren't overly familiar with one another takes a little longer to get the feel.

2. You are more known for your defense than offense, but you contributed some good passes and the game winning goal last night. Do you try to work on your offense a little more in these draft leagues? Well, I do try to push myself out of my comfort zone in the draft leagues. It is the place to practice the things I don't normally do. Some recent weight loss has me feeling a little more agile on my skates and maybe got a very small percentage of younger speed back. Switching to a lighter stick has really made a difference for an "aged" individual such as myself.

3. The team got down 2-0 early in the game. Were you thinking it was going to be one of those nights considering Red was undefeated going into it? Personally, I thought it was going to be another one of those "Henry standing on his head" nights. Thankfully he decided to be nice and let a few through for us.

4. The team has had Jake and Denny fill in for Cory this season. How do you compare them to trying to fill Cory’s shoes? Cory is a strong 2-way player. Jake certainly helps as he has that same 2-way style of play. Denny is quite strong offensively and a good possession player. His presence allows others of us to shift our roles and play back more when he's on the floor.

5. Clint was a big reason why Interim Healthcare could not repeat this past summer. How do you think he has looked on this team so far? Clint was a big reason... and I think Clint is playing like Clint plays. However, don't discount the big presence Clint had in front of him on the Knights squad. That can make or break a goalie. Most of the goalies through the years around here either love or hate to play behind me. Some like the fact that I tend to play a "pre-goalie, goalie" role in front of them... others do not. I think Clint is starting to become a little more accustomed to how I play. He can confirm or deny that one for me.

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